Various opinions on Hitler presented from time to time. We thought that we should talk about one. You probably know what because it’s already on the topic.

Opportunities to kill Hitler

Several attempts have been carried out by various people to kill Nazi German Dictator Adolf Hitler. The most popular was the failed bombing of Claus von Stauffenberg on July 20th, 1944. It is called “Valkyrie Operation”.

But the German army officers had taken several attempts to kill Hitler. In March 1943, the plans were made to seize power by a military coup, and even a suicide bomber to kill Hitler. However, both of these attempts were failed.

The assassination and the end

Hitler's body
Picture: Hitler’s body mentioned in World War II videos
Hitler's body
Picture: Hitler’s body mentioned in World War II videos

When the Red Army reached Berlin in 1945, Stalin ordered them to find Hitler as soon as possible and promised a medal to the one who does it. In the next few weeks, the friendly force fought through Berlin against the rest of the Germans.

The investigations of identifying the body of Hitler and what happened to it was handed over to three soviet representatives, They investigated German officers and found out that Hitler shot Himself and committed suicide. But they were unable to prove this because they could not find Hitler’s dead body.

On May 2nd, 1945, the Soviet Army took control of the Reich Chancellor’s building. In that building, they found Hitler’s bunker. They knew that Hitler had died there, but they wanted proof. Later, the servant of Hitler’s bunker, and the bodyguard told the Soviet soldiers that they had buried Hitler’s body and his wife’s bodies in the yard.

At once, the Soviet soldiers began to search the site and found two new human bodies and a body of a dog during excavation. But the bodies were not identified.

The tow burned bodies found were deposited in the museum
Picture: The tow burned bodies found were deposited in the museum
The tow burned bodies found were deposited in the museum
Picture: The two burned bodies found were deposited in the museum

Next, the Soviets needed to ensure that the body they found was Hitler’s. They arrested everyone in the bunker with Hitler that time and interrogated them for months.

But Stalin didn’t want to wait. He wanted to confirm Hitler’s death quickly. The body was believed to belong to Hitler and could not identify because it was burned severely, excluding the teeth.

Soviets went looking for Hitler’s dentist Dr. Hugo Blaschke, but they came to know that he had fled from Germany. Eventually, they found Hugo’s assistant ‘Koth Hugosman’ and she was attending all the dental inspections of Hitler over the past decade.

Dr. Hugo Blaschke & Koth Hughesman
Picture: Dr. Hugo Blaschke & Koth Hughesman

Koth Hughesman was arrested and taken to the identification of Hitler’s teeth. The Soviet representatives told her to draw a detailed art outline of Hitler’s teeth before she was handed over to Hitler’s actual teeth. The Soviets were impressed with the diagram which she drew because it was well suited to true teeth. Later, she was given the real teeth to confirm it. In the end, she recognized the signs of those teeth and exhaled a deep breath saying “These are Adolf Hitler’s teeth.”

Now, the Soviets confirmed that Hitler had died. But they did not make this news published. The US and British governments knew Hitler’s suicide, through the prisoners. But they had no evidence to prove it.

HItler's teeth
Picture: HItler’s teeth

All of this news reached out to Staling. But still, he wanted to keep the news of Hitler’s death a secret. He informed Winston Churchill and Harry Trouser, that Hitler was still alive and that he had fled from Germany.

On June 9th of 1945 the Soviet Union held an official media briefing, saying that Hitler was alive and fled from Germany. For many years, Hitler believed to be hiding in South Africa or Japan.

Koth Hughsman and many others who know about this have been imprisoned in the Soviet Union for almost a decade because Joseph Stalin wanted to prevent the world from knowing the truth.

Part of the skull suspected to be of Hitler
Picture: Part of the skull. Suspected to be of Hitler

The remains were burned later in the 70s and were thrown into the grey Biederitz  river. But only a skull, which was believed to belong to Hitler kept by the KGB. Later, it was brought out to the Public after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is now kept in the Russian State Archives.

But still there are some Germans who say that Hitler is not the kind of a person who accepts defeat and kills himself. According to them, Hitler died after 20 years after the war because of natural causes. But the world accepts the first opinion mentioned in the article. If there is something you know apart from them, we invite you to comment it below, because it might be very useful to others.



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