The legends about werewolves go back thousands of years. werewolf is a very fierce animal part that was caused by some natural or very evil force for some reason. These are large, half-human, and half-wolf creatures that walk by their back feet. They are in human form on normal days and return to their evil form on the day of the full moon.

Often even at that time, they have no control or memory of what they are doing once they are back to normal. ( The information I have mentioned in this werewolf article is information from books and knowledge gained from individual adults, and I kindly inform you that I do not declare all this to be true.) 

However this werewolf beginning story is found in Greek myths in BC 2100 (Mesopotamian civilization period). At that time a king called Likeyan ruled the Akkadian in Greece. He had many wives and they had sons more than 50 to maximize the power of Akkadian and to please the gods he killed one of his sons and cooked his flesh and served to Zeus. Zeus, enraged at such a disgusting and forbidden sacrifice, cursed Likeyan and the rest of his sons to be half-human and half-wolf animals. The beginning of the werewolf happened like this and spread. 

Werewolves are stronger, faster, and cruel than both humans and wolves. Taring a human or an animal into pieces like paper is a small thing to them.

A picture of Zeus cursing Likeyan as half human and half wolf
Picture: A picture of Zeus cursing Likeyan as half human and half wolf

The ways that werewolves can be made 

1. Naturals ways 

Werewolf stays like normal humans therefore they cannot be identified until they change. Because of that if a woman becomes pregnant because of a werewolf that child can be infected too. Also if a werewolf bit a human and the blood mixed with their saliva they can be a werewolf on the next full moon day. These are the two ways that a werewolf can be made. 

2. Change on your own This is evil

Anyone who wants to become a werewolf must summon a demon at a crossroads and sell his soul to the devil. The demon then hides the wolf skin in a decaying tree. It is said that wearing it naturally gives you all the strength of a Werewolf. But it is a very evil intention and the price to pay for it is very high. But when this method is followed, even the werewolf still has active memories in his human brain. 

Another method is to eat a wolf’s brain and drink water from a wolf’s foot. However, these can happen at will or on someone else’s deception. Ways to remove the werewolf curse 

Werewolves are highly allergic to silver and can be shot in the head or heart with a silver bullet or stabbed to death with a silver sword. 

An ancient athens pottery depicting a man trying to become a werewolf by wearing wolf skin
Picture: An ancient Athens pottery depicting a man trying to become a werewolf by wearing wolf skin

It is said that when the werewolf was a normal human being, only three drops of blood could shed that curse on him. 

Anyone who werewolf with demon-given skin can be destroyed by burning with that wolf-skin and the part of the tree. 

When the werewolf is in that form, the dead or his corpse returns to the human form. 

Categories of Werewolf 

As mentioned earlier, werewolves were said to have originated in Greece but have since been seen and heard around Europe and the Americas. Classified as Omega, Beta, and Alpha they are said to vary in strength and ability according to their classifications. 

However, it can be divided into four main categories. 

1. Locoti werewolf

 Although werewolves are usually bloodthirsty predators, Locoti werewolves are not. initial Locoti werewolves eat their people Of the tribe and later they had rules. According to that Eating, carcasses was forbidden and used to eat animals. Other people also agreed to keep secrets about them. Even when they change into wolves, the human form changes very little. They hunted with a group of fifty, and if one of their group fell, they would fill in the blanks. Once transformed, the eyes glow and the teeth and nails grow thicker and longer. Their main hunt was black and brown grizzly bears. In addition to that moose were eaten. They are wounded by a silver weapon but can recover quickly. 

2. North American werewolf 

Their eyes are black and their body is black. Once transformed it grows to a height of about afoot. Their ability to find things by hearing and sense is high. Their main hunt is humans. These werewolves have been in America for thousands of years. Their saliva or bite can infect another one the werewolf curse. But since they are food is humans, only a survivor of their attack is transformed into a werewolf. 

3.Asian werewolf 

Once transformed, they are gray wolves that move on all four legs. In addition, their strength increases by 20% during conversion. Often in translation, some werewolf dies of intolerance. They were on the top from instinct and hearing As humans, they can reproduce naturally by a wolf as well as by biting someone else. 

4.European werewolf

It is the largest, strongest, fastest, and fiercest of all werewolf species. Half wolves and half-humans are part of a very ferocious and ferocious animal. When converted, the width increases threefold, and the height doubles. Their nails are strong enough to tear even steel. This species usually lives for about three hundred years and does not lose strength or speed until it reaches 250 years.

Their hunger for human flesh lasts until their death. Although they can be killed with a silver bullet or a weapon, this type of werewolf can gain the strength of another of its kind. Although they are thousands of years old, no trace of them was found until 1947. However, this type has another challenge in addition to silver; European vampires. European vampires are said to live for about five hundred years on average, and every time they kill a European werewolf, it is said to increase their strength.


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