Was Noah an Alien?

Qumran in Palestine in 1946. In the desert region, 10 miles east of Jerusalem, a desert shepherd left his flock and went astray in search of sheep and goats.

While walking along the slopes, the shepherd saw a cave in the distance. He threw a stone into the cave and heard the sound of clay breaking. He went to look for the cause of the noise and found a jar containing ancient manuscripts.

The discovery of the shepherd led to the discovery of 11 caves in total containing the Dead Sea documents which is one of the most extraordinary collections of literature in human history. 800 pieces of literature have been found in these 11 caves, which tell a lot about the ancient world. One of the amazing revelations was a strange story about Noah which was not mentioned in the Old Testament. The story goes that when Noah was born, he was an unusual baby with a strange complexion and the ability to illuminate the room with his eyes.

Picture: Noah

Interesting fact is, Lamech, Noah’s father was real, but then a reasonable question arises whether he was Noah’s father or not. This is because we already have a story of a fallen angel who went down and had sex with women. When Lamech met his wife, Betenos. he asked, “Is that my son or one of them?”

Some refer to a specific fact that Lamech described the birth of his son Noah.

” His father feared him, and went unto his father in Methuselah, and said unto him, Behold, I have begotten a strange son, like the sons of God which are in heaven, different from man: but he is not like us. His eyes are like the rays of the sun, and his face is glorious,”

This was a description of Noah, who later to be chosen to build the ark and to wipe out the Nephilims from the flood, cleansing humanity from its impurity

Noah’s appearance is very foreign. His eyes are described as shining rays like the sun. His skin is said to be glowing. It is a very strange description, so what if Noah was one of the aliens ?? The question arises for anyone because Noah had a different kind of description referring to the human.

According to the theorists of ancient astronauts, could the biblical image of Noah be an alien being? Is it really because he was the son of an alien regarding the description of him as a man of strange complexion and bright eyes?

The main thing is that Noah and his family became chaste before God. He plans to wipe out the rest of mankind, and He wiped out the alien dimension of mankind caused by the corruption of human genetics.

Did he create a great flood to cleanse the earth of genetic errors and make Noah the father of the new version of mankind?

According to ancient mythology, the world with Noah’s descendants was very different from the world that existed in ancient times. It also tells us how the stories of gods, giants, angels, and other creatures are shared with people on earth.

Picture: Noah

The flood appears as a boundary point. The Bible also describes how people lived long before the Flood but their lifespan became shortened after the Flood. The list of Sumerian kings in the Mesopotamian tradition also stated that the kings who ruled Mesopotamia before the Flood had an unusually long lifespan and their reign was shortened soon after the Flood.

The other thing that happened before the flood was that the gods were among us. There was a close relationship between man and the saints. The gods guided us and tested us. There may have been an interaction between God and man, and then there would have been descendants of the gods. Now the gods seem to be far away.

Interestingly, the interaction with these higher beings have only been seen in the past. When all this is taken together, one can see a clear picture of a time when giants or men were dealing with the gods on earth. But where are the gods today? We see stories of interactions that are difficult to understand.

Was this “great flood” the dividing line in history that caused the separation of God and man ?? (We will thoroughly talk about the “Great Flood” in another article.)

Others argue that the reason it is so is intriguing. Our evolution depends on natural growth, and it is not tainted by this alien opinion. But they also believe that we are not alone in the universe.

While Looking at the whole scenario, a reasonable question arises, whether this flood was a symbol used to mark a significant boundary in history. Various civilizations say that human life was influenced by “Outsiders”. The lack of evidence to prove that is the Biggest problem today.

However, the book of Enoch says that Noah was different from the people of the earth… Then what was Noah?

Let’meet in another article…



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