Reveal of a Mysterious legend

We have heard a Mysterious legend that gives goosebumps in previous articles. How many kingdoms can be there that were hidden by the time? The Discovery of the Thonis Heracleion ancient kingdom from the seabed in 2000 by the Franck Goddio of French who was the greatest Marine archaeologist in the 21st century was a reveal of a mysterious legend to the world. Let’s discuss that in today’s article.

Explorer Franck Goddio
Picture: Explorer Franck Goddio

 Operations to find Thonis Heracleion

Thonis Heracleion which is the disappeared ancient city was used as the main port to arrive Egypt from the Greek world before the Initiation of Alexandria in 331 BC. Thonis Heraklion city became famous in the ancient world because of the Amun temple that made and worship under rulers and because of the Dynasty. This proud city was build in the 8th century BC. Giant Thonis Heracleion which faced a lot of natural disasters buried their every secret under the seabed in the 8th century.

There was no evidence about the location of Thonis Heracleion when Franck Goddio who was the director of the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology (IEASM) started an operation to find it in the present world, nobody talked that much about the Thonis Heracleion like, Babylon, Pompeii, Atlantis. Exclude some ancient reports and Inscriptions the memory of Thonis Heracleion was forgotten by everyone.

Greek historian Herodotus had mentioned a temple that made in a place where a here calls Heracles firstly stepped in Egypt, in the 5th century BC. Furthermore Herodotus had mentioned that Helen has visited Heracleion with his boyfriend Paris before the Trojan war. According to the research of Geographer Strabo who visited Egypt before 4 centuries, the Heracleion city where Heracles temple was situated on the eastern side to Canopus and facing a Canopic branch of the Nile.

A commander of the royal air force had seen a shadow of ruins underwater while he was flying over Aboukir city before 1933. But there was no special background to look for that. Experienced sea explorer Franck Goddio who started an exploration to find the missed Heracleion with his team with the help of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities at the end of 20 the century, calculated that the city is hidden in the zone of 11km to 15km in the west part of Aboukir bay. It was challenging because of the darkness and unclearness of the water in that area.

Location of Heracleion
Picture: Location of Heracleion

The fortune that appeared from the seabed

As a result of the exploration Franck and his team revealed a lot of secrets by opening a door from the past. Amun temple, Heracles aka Khonsou, the port that controlled every tread activity for Egypt, and the daily life of citizens are the things that revealed a result of this exploration. Heracleion and Thonis were not two cities but that was one city that was called by both names this is revealed by the exploration by Solving the puzzle that Egyptian archaeologists had. Greeks had called this Heracleion and Egyptians had called this Thonis.

Doing exploration in the sea
Picture: Doing exploration in the sea

The Variety and the power of the Heracleion city were revealed by the exploration that is done in the seabed. Franck and his team were able to imagine a clear picture of Heracleion by studying the beauty of the temple that there were, huge statues that were built, Inscriptions, architecture structures, jewelry, coins, the instruments used for Rituals and sacrifices, Finished in the pottery and ceramics industry. Among the statues, there were 5m tall statues of a king and a queen, a verity of gems, limestone Carving designs with animal pictures.

Measuring the size of ruins
Picture: Measuring the size of ruins
Revealing the ruins that were hidden in the seabed
Picture: Revealing the ruins that were hidden in the seabed

The coins and dishes that belonged to that time give evidence that Heracleion was a rich city during 6-4 centuries BC. By studying the massive pools in the port of Thonis Heracleion it is clear that it was a massive economic center of the world that time. It confirms by the 700 anchors that were found from the Heracleion port and 60 Shipwrecks that happened between 6 to 2 centuries BC.

Ruins of the city
Picture: Ruins of the city
Bringing out ruins statues
Picture: Bringing out ruins statues
5.4m tall statue of the god Hapy
Picture: 5.4m tall statue of the god Hapy

The Heracleion States

Heracleion states were extended by centering Amun temple. Because of the canal system that was around the city, it looks like that city was in a lake. This canal system was built by connecting sub canals and this canal system was connected to massive pools in the port. Exploration proved that this system was built to do internet good transportation effectively, speedy, and formally.

Ancient Heracleion kingdom is a great exploration that can take the modern eye to ancient Human genealogy.



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