We find information on various mysteries reported about ships and the sea In the history books. Many of these are seemingly exaggerated stories that happened centuries ago and cannot be determined to be true. However, a strange story was reported from the 1940s, when modern technology was at some point. Some still debate whether this is a true story or a myth, which is referred to as the ‘Mystery of the Ourang Maiden.

Incident reported

Here is the whole article about the Ourang Maiden:

Shortly after the end of World War II and the restoration of world shipping, one day in June 1947 or February 1948, near the island of Sumatra, while several ships were sailing in the Straits of Malacca received a strange message. Received as a Moss signal, it was a message from a vessel asking for help. Its contents were as follows.

“All the officers on our ship, including the captain, are dead. Everyone is dead on the spot. Most of the crew is dead… I’m going to die too.”

No other message was released from the ship after this horrifying message. Two American ships, which received the message were able to determine the exact location of its release. This was from the Dutch cargo ship SS Ourange Maiden.

A painting believed to be Ourang Maiden
Picture: A painting believed to be Ourang Maiden

Immediately the two American ships approached the area where the Ourang Maiden was stationed, and the first ship to arrive was the Silver Star. At first glance it looked ‘floating’ and for this reason, the crew of the Silver Star decided to board and inspect it. Those who landed on the Ourang Maiden saw a terrifying sight. There were people lying dead like mosquitoes, and everyone had a horrible experience on their faces. Their eyes were wide. There were no survivors on board.

According to the locations where the crew of the Ourange Medan ship died, they appeared like there were struggling between ‘something’ or each other. What is special is that a dog on the ship also died imagining a dangerous face. The ship’s captain’s lifeless body was also found, and the radio operator who was believed to have sent the message also died near the machine. His face also had the same horrible look on the faces of the others on the ship.

What happened to Ourang Medan?

When the Ourang Medan was discovered, several unusual conditions were reported. At that time the temperature in the surrounding area was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but the American sailors who arrived there suddenly felt the cold flowing through the ship. In addition, all the bodies were found were not wounded. Also, the bodies here had deteriorated faster than normal corpses. The ship was unharmed and in good condition.

Sea area around Malacca Strait
Picture: Sea area around Malacca Strait

The captain of the Silver Star came to know that the Ourang maiden ship was at a navigable level and decided to tie it to his ship and take it away. However, shortly after doing so, he observed smoke coming out of one of its cabins. As a result, the ropes that bound the two ships were soon severed, and the Ourang Medan exploded and sank.

Is the Ourang Maiden a mere fiction?

The story of the Ourange Medan ship is considered to be a mere fiction that never happened in the real world by some people. That’s because of the lack of clarity in its documentation.

No one has been able to locate a registered year or an origin place about this ship, and the accident has not been officially reported. Sumatra was under Dutch rule at the time and was considered registered in Sumatra by its name. Some said that the company that owned the Silver Star did not allow the incident to be made public and cast doubt on the veracity of the incident.

In 1952, an American Coast Guard published the first official report on the Ourang Maiden. These reports were prepared by the crew of the Silver Star. However, this did not completely clear the doubts of those who claimed that the incident was untrue.

Did the Ourang Medan ship transport chemical weapons?

Few researched the fate of the ship. The two main issues discussed by them were the explosion of the ship and the secrecy maintained in connection with it. Commenting on this, a German professor said that the ship may have been transporting chemicals such as potassium cyanide and nitroglycerin. These are used in making chemical weapons and have the potential to emit toxic fumes and explode.

Shirō Ishii
Picture: Shirō Ishii

Another opinion related to the Ourang Medan ship was that it was transporting biochemical weapons. It was also reported that these were being transported to a team by Japanese molecular biologist Shiro Ishii. This scientist was accused of conducting biochemical weapons research during World War II. However, both of these assumptions have not yet been confirmed.

Those who accept the Ourang Maiden’s existence give further reasons for this. They believe an alien invasion or methane bubble from the bottom of the ocean, or a simple fire in a boiler caused this unfortunate fate. Out of all this, another ‘mysterious’ ship legend has finally gone down in history.



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