This article presented today can be considered as a story rather than a formal article. But we thought that it would be more appropriate to write this in the form of a story because that way is easier for you to remember and also interesting to read. We formed a story Instead of writing it as a boring essay by sorting this topic neatly and writing formally.

Different ideologies and beliefs state in different ways how this world came into life. We have previously brought up the ways in which the world and life came into being in various articles. Scientific basis / Greek mythology / How the world came into being according to the Isu were also included in those articles.

Egyptian civilization is one of the most significant civilizations in the world. So today we thought that we should bring you some facts about the origin of this world and life according to Egyptian civilization. Of course, this is not something that can be said on a scientific basis. This is indeed a wonderful legend. So here is the story of how the great Egyptian gods created the world and life.

5000 years ago, before the great kings built the pyramids in the Nile Valley, and before the gods entered the earth, there was a great darkness that had no one. This darkness filled the ocean of great emptiness called “Nu” (also known as Nenu, Nunu, Nun), and the eight oldest gods called Ogdoad were swimming in that water. The god and goddess of the endless ocean, Nun & Naunet, the god and goddess of space, Hehu & Hauhet, the gods of darkness, Kuk & Kauket, and the Gods of retirement Amun & Amaunet were swimming in the vast oceans of emptiness, protecting the egg containing the Creator of the universe.

Great god Ra
Picture: Great god Ra

One day the egg suddenly exploded. A blue lotus blossomed above it, rising above the endless darkness. great god “Ra” was sleeping in it. As the lotus petals unfolded, a golden glow spread across the globe. The creator, sun god ‘Ra’ (God) stood in the middle of a golden flame making a loud noise. From that first sound to the world, the god of wisdom named Thoth who is with the head of an ibis bird created himself.

Thoth - God of Wisdom
Picture: Thoth – God of Wisdom

‘Ra’ created a land in the middle of the great ocean of uncertainty. He looked around and realized that he was alone. It was hard to be alone. The light he brought was useless. So he freed the eight ancient gods from confusion and calmed them down. That calmness gave birth to the world. In the midst of these miracles performed by Ra by the power of wisdom, another god was born. “God Ptah, ” the Creator of the world and of life, was created by the power of wisdom.

The first to appear on the New World was Maat, the great goddess of law, truth, and duality. Since the dual nature of all energy was the fundamental law of the universe, it was essential that ‘Maat’ to be created first. The god of wisdom (“Thoth”), took her as his wife. ‘Ra’ was lonely again.

God Maat
Picture: God Maat

Secondly, ‘Ra’ mated with his shadow and then spat to produce the god of air, God Shu, and the goddess of moisture, Tefnut. But as the two of them traveled far into the dark ocean, the ‘Ra’ became lonely again in his own land. Exhausted by that loneliness, he took out his own eye and filled it with energy. He considered the eye as his daughter and named her “Hathor”. Hathor, the goddess of the sky, was sent to find Shu and Tefnut, who were gone away into the dark ocean.

God Shu and Tefnut
Picture: God Shu and Tefnut
God Hathor
Picture: God Hathor

The light of Hathor, who flew over the oceans in search of Ra’s children, penetrated all darkness. Shu and Tefnut were soon found and presented to Ra. As a reward for Hathor’s service, Ra turned her into the form of the great serpent Uraeus and wore above the eyebrows of him to symbolize that, in the future, all gods and men will fear her, she will have more power than Ra’s enemies. Ra’s word became the law of the universe.

God's Uraeus crown
Picture: God’s Uraeus crown

Meanwhile, Shu and Tefnut, who had returned, were dating. As a result, Tefnut became pregnant and gave birth to twins, naming them Geb, the god of the earth, and Nutt. Although the goddess Ra, who favored Nutt, married her, she preferred her brother the god of the land (“Geb”) more. So the sky was drawn towards the earth, and their dating caused great confusion in the universe. The calm created by Ra was gone.

Ra didn’t know this until one day, he accidentally saw the two were in love. He realized that Nutt had cheated on him. So Geb and Nutt had to be separated. Ra pushed the sky above the ground stating that these two should never meet again. “Shu”, the god of air was appointed to ensure that they would not be meeting again. She was situated between the sky and the ground.

God Shu separates Nut and Geb
Picture: Shu separates Nut and Geb

By this time Nut was pregnant because of this relationship. Ra was very angry with his wife. He cursed her. “Year after year, but in no month, no day, Nut will never give birth to her children!. Even She is pregnant, her children shall never saw the light!. The word of the great God Ra was final.

Nut was in great pain. Now she has lost not only her boyfriend but also her children. Her pain was so great that it brought the God of Wisdom there. He wiped away her tears while thinking of a solution. The word of Ra, the law of the universe, cannot be changed, the God of Wisdom knew. Therefore, even the god of wisdom can bring relief to Nutt only by Deception. It is impossible to defeat the god of the sun by magic. So he challenged Khonsu, the god of the moon who was as bright as the sun at the time, to a gambling game.

Because of the curse of ‘Ra’, Nutt’s children could not be born in any year, in any month, on any day. And the word of the great God Ra became law. It is impossible to trick him. Thoth who illuminated a competition, challenged Khonsu, the god of the moon to a gambling game. he was persuaded to gamble 1/17 of his light on one day of the year, Thoth could easily beat them and won the light.

These pieces of light were enough to create 5 new days. Those five days were added to the year and at the end of the year, there were 365 days instead of 360. To this day, on certain days of the year, the moon’s light disappears. It is said that this happens because Khonsu has lost that light due to Gambling.

God Osiris
Picture: God Osiris

Ra’s curse on Nutt was that she should not give birth in any year, any day. But since the 5 new dates created by Thoth did not belong to any year or month, it was appropriate to give birth to Nutt’s children. On the first day, the god of death, the afterlife, and the resurrection of the dead “Osiris” was born. On the second day, the great god “Horus” appeared, his right eye was the sun and the left eye was the moon.

On the third day, Seth, the god of war and darkness was born. And on the fourth day, Isis, the goddess of love, magic, and wisdom, appeared. Osiris made Isis his wife. On the fifth day, Isis’s sister, Nephthys was born. Seth made her his wife. Even though Nephthys married to the god of darkness, she still remained faithful to Isis.

In this way, the five gods, Anu, have risen to nine great gods. The great Gods are Ra, Ma, Shu, Teuf, Nutt, Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys, they were called Ennead. After completing the great nine, “Ra” made many other gods to fill The space, to fill the darkness he created the dark underworld and filled it with demons and lowly gods.

Eight ancient gods
Picture: Eight ancient gods

At the end of all, the other creatures on the earth including mankind were created. The god of almighty “Khnum” created man and other animals on his pot wheel using clay and water. It was necessary that people needed a ground to live. the kingdom of the “Kemet” was created, we know it as Egypt. The God “Ra” created the deserts around Egypt and ensured the safety of it. Then he created the Nile River to feed the Egyptian fields when it overflows. Then he turned Egypt to Osiris and returned to “Naa”.Osiris became the first pharaoh of Egypt

God Seth
Picture: God Seth

Osiris successfully ruled the entire world while living in Egypt with the help of his wife, Isis’s support. But bad things were in progress during that time of calming. His brother, the god of darkness was jealous of Osiris. He thought that Osiris should be evicted from the earth. So he created a box with crusting of gold to suit Osiris’s body. Then he organized a marvelous banquet and invited Osiris and seventy-two others.

At the end of the ceremony, he announced that the box he was created with the most beautiful decorations will be gifted to the one who fits the size of it. Accordingly, among all of the people, Osiris came and test himself in the box. Suddenly the lid closed with nails and the box was thrown into the Nile River.

God Osiris, Isis and Nephthys
Picture: God Osiris, Isis and Nephthys

Isis did not believe that his husband was killed. She was able to find the coffin of Osiris in the trunk of a Babillos tree deep in the Nile river. Then she returned Osiris’s body back to Egypt. After that, she went to get the medicines that help to restore the soul of Osiris. She appointed the wife of Seth and also her sister, Nephthys as the guardian of Osiris’s body.

Seth was drowning in the fear of Osiris might come back alive. And he questioned his wife Nephthys about it. while doing that he realized she might know something about it, However Seth discovered the body with the help of Nephthys and severed it into 14 pieces. Then he shattered them all around the Egyptian soil making it impossible to resurrect the body.

Isis returned with herbs and realized. What happened. She went around Egypt with grieving Nephthys, who couldn’t protect the body only to find out 13 parts of Osiris’s body. The body piece of his masculine area was missing. So Isis created a penis of gold to complete Osiris’s body. After the completion of 14 parts, she temporarily resurrected Osiris using a mantra which she had learned from her dad. Then she mated with him. As a result, Isis got pregnant with Osiris’s child later to be named “Horus”.The body of Osiris was buried after. But the other gods who had massive respect for Isis, Resurrected Osiris again and named him as the the “God of the afterlife”

God Horus, the son of Osiris
Picture: God Horus, the son of Osiris

Horus was raised in fear because of the threats by Seth. At the proper age, Horus wanted to challenge his uncle and take back the land which was once belonged to his father. He went on a war for about 80 years to take control of Egypt. He defeated his uncle Seth, expelling him to the dessert. He also brought back peace into Egypt again with the help of his mother Isis and Nephthys, he was able to bring calm not only to Egypt but also to the world.

This is only one of many stories about Egyptian gods. You may have heard of this story or different versions. In the future, we will bring historical information about life. We’ll be glad If you mention your likings and dislikings at the bottom, it will help us.


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