Medal of Honor can be introduced as a famous game that was made based on world war II. But this game faced a Recession in the past time. Therefore a game of this series has not been released for 8 years. But the Medal of Honor above and beyond game was released recently by ending that time. Therefore we thought we should bring a story about the history of the Medal of Honor game series and about the Medal of Honor above and beyond.

World war II which was the main war that happened in the world in the 19th century brought fortunate for some people and unfortunate for some. People who received fortunate were those who make films and video games. World war II is considered a thing that was subjected to a lot of movies and video games. World war II which was unfolding for 6 years from 1939 to 1945, lost many countries and properties. But Then came the spring of filmmakers and a lot of movies about world war II were made in the post-war period and also now. So a special person is tempted to make a film on this famous topic. That was Award-winning film director Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg who was at the peak of popularity by directing the film Jurassic park started to direct a film call Saving Privet Ryan based on world war II in early 1997. Saving Privet Ryan is considered a great film based on world war II even today.

Picture: Steven Spielberg &  Saving Privet Ryan film
Picture: Steven Spielberg & Saving Privet Ryan film

Steven Spielberg got an amazing idea while directing that film in association with famous Normandy fights in world war II. That was to make a video game in association with this incident. Later he revealed his idea to dream works pictures which was a production company on Saving Privet Ryan film.

In fact, Steven Spielberg is a Co-owner of this dream works pictures. They had formed a video game section in dream works pictures. It is called dream works interactively. Dreamworks interactive which was two years old and had already produced some small games agreed to activate Steven Spielberg’s idea. That is how Dream works interactive started to develop the Medal of Honor game in November 1997, as a Steven Spielberg’s design.

They planned to release the medal of honor game in 1998 when the Saving Privet Ryan film was released. The purpose of that is really clear. Steven Spielberg tried to get publicity to film by game and to game by the film. But the name of the Medal of Honor game hindered it.

Medal of Honor awards to air force soldiers for doing brave work in the American air force. This is considered the highest medal that American soldiers can receive personally. This was installed during the civil war in 1861-1865. The Medal was first awarded in 1863. That was to soldier Jacob Parrott.

Honorary medal
Picture: Honorary medal

So using a name of an honorary medal to a computer game faced the Criticism of war experts and American soldiers. Therefore Medal of Honor game could not be released for one year and finally released on the 31st of October 1999. But because of the negative reactions that this game received even before release, not even 50000 copies were sold. Steven Spielberg was disappointed because of this decision to leave the video game industry completely and sold the Dream Works Interactive studio. That was how the service of a Great person, lost the video game industry.

Video: Medal of honor 1999

Electronic Art company which took the advantage of selling this dream works for the interactive company bought the dream works for the interactive company. And changed its name to Electronic Art Los Angeles. The ownership of the medal of honor which belonged to that company, shift to EA. At that time Electronic art company focused on making a video game based on world war II. Therefore they decided to bring forward Medal of Honor as a series though it was unsuccessful initially. Because of that, they released the Medal of Honor underground game in 2000.

Video: Medal of honor 2000

Like the medal of honor first game, this medal of honor underground game was also released for PlayStation consoles. Therefore the game did not receive huge popularity. Because of that, the electronic art company which knew that the fault of this is only making for PlayStation console published Medal of Honor allied assault game which is considered as the most successful game of Medal of Honor from 2002 to now. Also, Battlefield 1942 is a game of Battlefield game series made based on world war II, released in 2002.

Although it was two games made on every topic and released every year, both of them became famous proportionally. Since then a total of 14 games including another 11 Medal of Honor games were published at the end of 2007. All of that games we high standards even though not in super high standards. Most of these games were developed by EA Los Angeles studio which was previously known as dreamwork interactive.

2007 to 2010 the 3 years was a time that happened some differences in Electronic art company. So in that time, they were not able to release any Medal of Honor game that was popular that time. Moreover, the name of EA Los Angeles has changed again. That was to danger close games. So this dangerous close game released a new medal of honor game in 2010 by making a revolution in the medal of honor game series.

Medal of honor game which was released in 2010, was developed based on the Afghanistan attack of the American army instead of world war II which is based on the medal of honor game for now. A lot of people liked it. But electronic art company did a fault that can’t be re correct. You all know the initial Medal of Honor game did not take the risk to multiplayer mod. EA’s target was to develop a single-player campaign of Medal of Honor.

But meanwhile, there was a competition between electronic art’s battlefield and Activities call of duty for the best multiplayer game. Therefore EA decided to develop a multiplayer game for Medal of Honor. Then battlefield and medal of honor will be two competitors for call of duty. Moreover, they wanted to save the single-player mod which was good for now. Then in 2010, they developed the Medal of Honor game in two main studios.

As we talked early a single-player mod was created in danger close studio by using unreal engine and the multiplayer mode was created in EA Dice studio by using frostbite engine which used to battlefield too. EA dice’s main target was to create a multiplayer mod that composes a threat on call of duty. Because of that, the multiplayer mode of the 2010 medal of honor was like a hybrid of battlefield and call of duty.

But the fault was not that. The fault was Taliban terrorists were selected as the team that can play in multiplayer. That is in multiplayer of medal of honor, a player can play as American army as well as Taliban terrorists. Because of this medal of honor game was criticized by American media.

Therefore the initial pride that this game had, drastically went down. Because of that electronic art had to change the Taliban organization name to opossum front aka Opfor. Though they did that, everything had already happened. For the same reason the medal of honor warfighter that was released in 2012, took a hit.

Also the medal of honor warfighter game is full of addition to that focusing on motel combat was another reason for the unsuccessfulness of the medal of honor warfighter. For that reason, most game reviewers gave a review score of around 50% for this medal of honor warfighter. So electronic art decided to give a break to this medal of honor series. Any information did not come after stopped the medal of honor series in 2012. But 7 years later they break the ice by announcing about medal of honor above and beyond which is the new game of medal of honor in 2018.

Medal of Honor: Above and BeyondRecommended Specifications

For smooth VR gameplay, Respawn recommends the following specifications for Above and Beyond:

  • CPU: Intel Core-i7-9700K (or comparable AMD)
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Graphics Card: GTX 2080 (or comparable AMD)
  • Storage: 180GB required for installation, 170GB once installed (SSD or NVMe recommended)

Medal of honor above and beyond was developed by Respawn entertainment which is the first party developer of EA. This Respawn entertainment which was started by Jason West and Vince Zampella in 2010, was bought by an electronic arts company in 2017. It is not an important thing.

This Jason and Vince are co-owners of infinity ward studio which made the call of duty. They had left the infinity ward and started to Respawn entertainment. They have tried to create this above the beyond by identifying the weak points of the call of duty because this medal of honor above and beyond developed in the studio called Respawn entertainment which was maintained by two people who had a huge knowledge of developing call of duty.

Picture: Jason West and Vince Zampella
Picture: Jason West and Vince Zampella

Medal of honor is a game that mainly builds for single play. Also, you know battlefield game builds mainly for multiplayer. Also, the new call of duty games is mostly paid attention to the multiplayer mode. So in a situation like this, there was an advantage to release a game like a medal of honor which pays more attention to a single-player mode. Peter Hirschmann is the creative director of medal of honor above and beyond. He wrote the story of the first medal of honor game which was released in 1999. His destiny gave him a chance to his work as the creative director of the medal of honor game which he contributed to starting 21 years ago.

Peter Hirschmann
Picture: Peter Hirschmann

Medal of honor above and beyond is based on the story of the French front in World War II. So it means that the medal of honor came again to their Habitual background. It is a specialty that a medal of honor game which is based on world war II is releasing 13 years later. We all know world war II was between Nazi Germany, led by Hitler, and Allied countries. So American army was the main force of allied countries.

This French front was a front that used to weaken the enemy by the American army with the French army. They used a special method to attack the enemy on this front. That was to shoot Guerrilla attacks by entering the enemy area as small teams. They were able to destroy Enemy camps and rescue Allied Soldiers.

Normandy beach where the Normandy battle that was based on the medal of honor game happened, belongs to France. OSS aka Office of strategic service was the American army Subgroup that attacked this Enemy territory. This subdivision was made in the American army in 1942, to collect Intellectual information and aim Psychological attacks. So our main character in the medal of honor above and beyond is a soldier in this OSS. That is an American guerrilla soldier who participates in secret missions in the Enemy territory.

So we can have an experience that has not been overdone by a video game so a medal of honor above and beyond gives us a totally different gaming experience. On December 11, 2020, this game was released. Another specialty of this is the VR mod. Actually, the main target of EA is to give Okulary as a VR game. So that will be a totally different experience. We can have experience of world war II More lively by this.


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