Movie Agora can be introduced as a great film that proves the cruel history and based on the life story of Hypatia aka the great wise counselor in Alexandria.

Directed byAlejandro Amenábar
Produced byFernando Bovaira
Álvaro Augustin
Written byAlejandro Amenábar
Mateo Gil
StarringRachel Weisz
Max Minghella
Oscar Isaac
Music byDario Marianelli
CinematographyXavi Giménez
Edited byNacho Ruiz Capillas
Distributed by20th Century Fox (Spain)
Castello Lopez Multipedia (Portugal)
Newmarket Films (United States)
Release date9 October 2009
Running time126 minutes
United States
Budget$70 million
Box office$39 million

I thought to discuss details about this film which owned 7.2 points in the IMDB index, because when watching a historical story, knowing the true description is a must. Otherwise, the movie becomes tasteless. Even though this is an old movie that screened in 2009, and plays around 2 hours, this can be watched without wasting time. In fact, a real historical story that had been Reflected in that form, can be said without fear.

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  • A woman who search the way earthworks
  • Her slave who she loves in her own heart.
  • A prince who inherits her…       

All of them lived in Alexandria, Egypt in the past that runs to B.C 400. This story flows about famous women Hypatia who was a philosopher and an astronomer. She was following her father and teachings astronomy and doing researches and also prince Dining tried to win her heart. Meanwhile, the slave who was reserved for her loves her in mind. But all of this became upside down after starting attacks between religions.

In Agora’s film, it shows that she had to face all hindrances that scientists had to face because of the effect of religion. We are ready to bring you the historical story of Hypatia aka the great wise counselor of Alexandria who is in the movie that has 7.3/10 in IMDB and also Oscar winners Reach Weisz, Max Minghella, and Oscar Isaac were acted.

Picture: Hypatia

In B.C 415-416 a group of Christian religious extremists pulled out a woman who was traveling by a horse-drawn carriage in the street of Alexandria, Egypt by force. They forcibly dragged her to a church in Alexandria, where they brutally beat her to death. These Christians tore her dead body into pieces and burned her body parts into ash. How are these women faced with this unfortunate destiny? What was the reason for that?

She was named Hypatia and also one of the wisest people who lived in Alexandria. She was a woman who learned and taught mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, and logic. Although she made history not only because of her intelligence and knowledge but also because of her inhumane assassination, when looking at her life we can imagine in that era the place was for scientific thought and the conflict between religious extremist groups and secular groups that do not want to prioritize any religion. In this letter, we bring you that story.

Picture: A paint that shows how Hypatia was brought forcefully

“The heart” of Alexandria

The Museum of the Alexandria that was built by empire Alexander in B.C331, was like Alexandria’s heart. History evidenced that in the library there, which was kind of a university, had about five lakhs of scrolls were stored. But after Julius Caesar attacked Alexandria in B.C 48th century the museum was burned and the Alexandria city which was considered a Knowledge and cultural turning point in the ancient world, started to fall.

for the next four centuries, Alexandria’s faced civil wars between Jews, Christians and Superstition groups, remaining scrolls were destroyed because of the order of the Roman rulers to build a church by destroying the Serapis god’s temple where the scrolls were hidden. The way of having knowledge from father’s way.

Picture: Library

Theon was the last one who was there from the member of the museum of Alexandria. He was a mathematician and an astronomer and his daughter Hypatia learned both of these subjects from father very well. She helped with the books that Theon wrote and supplied information to his debate. It says that some books of Theon were written by Hypatia.

 According to Charles Kingsley a paint of Hypatia that was made by Margaret Cameron in 1897
Picture: According to Charles Kingsley a paint of Hypatia that was made by Margaret Cameron in 1897

Hypatia Voluntarily learned these subjects and taught them in her house. She came to philosophy subject based on her father’s way and became famous as a philosopher, also the lecture thaw was done by her became famous. Ancient recorded are there that loads of people came to her lectures. In particular, in the records of the philosopher Damascius, who wrote after her death, noted that she had preached sermons that interpreted the teachings of the two teacher-student philosophers, Plato and Aristotle.

Praise for her beauty

In ancient recorded not only praises of Hypatia’s knowledge but also praises for beauty can be seen. According to them she had not only a “good personality and attractive speaking style”, but also this girl who had “attractive beauty and shiny skin”, did not want to marry ever. Alexandria’s governor Orestes’s mind attracted to her. But eventually, Hypatia was killed because of this attraction.

After Archbishop Theophilus who was in charge of breaking down the other Alexandria’s religious places as the order of aforementioned Roman rulers, that position belongs to his nephew Cyril. He was appointed to this position in B.C412 and he was also Disliked by other religions as his uncle. As soon as he was appointed he broke down churches that belonged to Other Christian denominations, after that his target was to Deport Jews who lived in Alexandria and take the control of power to his hands.

Picture: Hypatia taught her students how to make this astrolabe that helped to find the location of Celestial objects

Even though the City Administrator Orestes was Christian, he did not like to give more power to the church. In this Power struggles, a group of Jewish extremists killed many Christians, and Cyril who was angry because of that made Christians deport Jews who lived in Alexandria and Loot their houses and temples. Orestes expressed his disagreement with this and complain about this to Roman Regimen in Constantinople the capital of the Roman Empire.

After that, although Cyril formed a program to work in reconciliation, Orestes did not give permission to that. Cyril and his closed Priests who were angry because of that tried to kill Orestes but that attempt was not worked. Because there were a lot of guards around Orestes. After that these priests’ target was Hypatia. The greed behind the death.

Christian religious leader peter operated his followers to kill Hypatia who was doing common lectures about a philosophy devoid of Christian religious thinkers, after helping this reason as well as she did not have guards around her.

However, the connection of Orestes to Hypatia’s Premature and inhuman death was not revealed. People who respect his memories say he was not responsible for that. But people who against the Christian church say who was able to save Hypatia and he did not take any actions to that. Hypatia’s death came to her who was a really rare character. Hypatia who became a victim of religious extremists now has received the love of Feminists and Atheists all over the world. Because of this, a Spanish-English movie called Agora was made in 2009 based on Hypatia’s character. (But to the script of the movie based on some kind of an imaginary event)

The invincible character of Hypatia, who advocated intellectual values, new discoveries, and thought processes that arose in the third century, has now become a role model and received the honor of many people.


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