It is not wrong to say that there was big space for stories that say the soul of dead people’s, come back and Haunting in the places where they lived when they a lived, In the folklore of many cultures around the world. Lots of stories like this created around famous peoples who was either a victim of violent death or Mysteriously dead At an early age, like king and queens, politicians, Artists. This letter is about the way of beginning a ghost story that was frightening people’s minds for centuries.

Human souls that became ghosts

Accounting to Historians believes the concept of ” Ghosts” came to people from a belief that ancient people had, that was when someone died his soul leaves the body and Navigates around. Because of that in many ancient culture’s Funeral customs made to confirm that the soul of the deceased will not come back and haunting. According to common belief Ghosts are circulating around places like house there were living, the place where died, or places that related to a past life. And also the common idea is in the places where ghosts circulate frequently, can be faced Frightening Experience like hearing Mysterious sounds, Getting to absorb strange odors, Self-playing of musical instruments.

In B.C 1 initially, information was recorded about seen Ghosts from the Roman Empire. According to Pliny who was a famous writer and diplomat, has mentioned in his notes elder male ghost who had a log beard tied with irons, had navigated around his house in Athens. Later time a Greek writers Lucian and Roman Plutus followed Pliny’s way and wrote details about appearing ghosts. After few centuries in B.C 856, there were details recorded about a poltergeist from a German farm. according to sources, this poltergeist had thrown rocks at the family that lived on that farm and fired the farm.

A famous ghosts Trinity in history

  • Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn who was a famous ghost in England firstly appeared in As far back as the 16th century. She was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I who was the 2nd wife of King Henry VIII. She was killed in front of the London tower by beheading because been Guilty of Magic, State betrayal, misconduct, and Adultery. her ghost can be seen in London tower, Hever castle in kent where she spent her childhood.

  • Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin who gave a big contribution to the American Revolution, his ghost is a famous ghost in America where has a long history of appearing ghosts.his ghosts who appeared in the last of the 19th century for the first time can be seen mostly in the Library of the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. According to some notes that people have seen sometimes the ghost who appears from the Franklin statue in front of the library navigates and dances all around the streets freely.

  • Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Americans believe the White House which is the Official residence of American presidents, is a Permanent residence of few ghosts. Abraham Lincoln who was the 16th American President who died because of the Bullet of a murderer in April 1865, is the most famous ghost among the ghost who lives in the White House. He worked as a lawyer in Illinois and is ghost wanders not only in the white house but also in his old office in Springfield. Even the foreign Diplomats who came to the White House Has Seen The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln’s ghost has helped American President Franklin d. Roosevelt while the In the recession that America faced, to control the country in the 20th century.

World-famous places where ghosts are believed to exist

There are so many famous places where Ghosts and invisible souls are said to be roaming. Usually, when it comes to talking about ghosts, they are known as a group of people who suddenly emerge and frighten and disappear. But people say that the Mysterious souls that in this places little bit different.

If we say how much these souls that are tutelary to these places, are powerful they hunt people unimaginably. Because of that these places are named the world’s mysterious places and reserved.

  • Island of the Dead Dolls -Mexico
Island of the Dead Dolls -mexico

One person went to a deserted island in Mexico in the 1950 s. He had gone there because of an order of a girl who died because of drowning 10 years before. After that, he had hung countless dolls All Over The Island to impress this girl. But later he realized that she wants them to die and live there with her like a ghost and there is nothing else she wanted. This man was frightened because of this and told this to his relative and that day his dead body was founded. That was in the place where that girl was died drowning.

Mexican people said that now these two sprites wander on that island. Not only that but also they say people who are going to walk on this island hear Murmuring of dolls. 

  • Old Changi Hospital -Singapore
Old Changi Hospital -Singapore

This place is New comparing to the other places where ghosts are said to exist. Singapore old Changi hospital, which was built in 1935 used as a torture chamber where prisoners were held during World War II. It was maintained by Japanese intelligence after the world war it was built as a hospital And it was closed completely in 1997. Singapore peoples thought is now in this Hospital The Ghost of the prisoners who were killed by torturing and the patients who died in this Hospital, are roaming. This was the reason to close this completely and The ghost of an old man wandering on the verandah and the ghost of a woman who often comes into the rooms are the ghosts that are known for this place. People who are faced with experience said that the ghosts of Children’s and The Ghosts of soldiers who died in the world, wander here. Moreover, the Singapore government decided to close this hospital completely altogether because of hearing deathly screaming in 1997.   

  • Moundsville Penitentiary
Moundsville Penitentiary

Moundsville Penitentiary which has an ancient history of over a hundred years is situated in West Virginia, united states. This is famous as the place where dangerous prisoners were held and gave severe punishment or killed many prisoners. Always these prisoners were imprisoned in a small room where did not have enough air there for many fights happened among them. Many prisoners were killed by hanging or sitting on the electric chair. The deaths that happened because of the fight among prisoners were not insignificant. Even though this penitentiary was closed in 1995 Virginia people believe that many souls of people who died here are still wandering there.        

  • Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

This hospital which is called Western State Hospital, Is situated in the United States of America and built-in 1864. It was inhabited by people suffering from severe mental illness and many have died. This was closed in 1994. However, the Americans believe that there are many ghosts trapped here for years. This had been used as an army base. Nowadays people come here to explore demonic spirits.

  • Castle of Good Hope-south Africa
Castle of Good Hope-south Africa

This palace which Built in the 17th century by the East India Company Dutch East India Company, is located in Cape Town, South Africa. It had been used in diplomacy for a long time.

The first ghost to appear here was recorded in 1915. A person who went there saw a tall man jumping from the roof of the palace. It has been seen by several people here several times since then. In addition, a black dog that is breaking into a stranger has begun to appear. Then the bells ringing came from Bell towers some times. These towers were completely sealed hundreds of years ago after a security guard in this tower died by hanging his neck In the bell rope. In addition, a woman dressed in gray is said to roam here. However, this woman has lost her sight after burying the body of a woman found during excavations here after performing proper religious rites.

  • Moon River Distillery
Moon River Distillery

Moon River Distillery is located in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Although it was converted into a beer factory in 1999, the building has a long history dating back to 1821. Although it was a hotel at that time and during the American Civil War it was a place where much violence happened relating to that. There have even been murders and factory workers have experienced instances where beer bottles in the factory have been thrown away and smashed by invisible forces. In addition, a ghost named “Toby” who walks there, is really famous in Savannah.


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