According to Greek mythology, Medusa had wings, and instead of hair on her head, there were snakes. Many myths said that Medusa was a very characteristic woman. Medusa, who was born to the sea gods Fokis and Keito, also had two other sisters. All three girls were demons, but according to some legends, Medusa was a human daughter. Medusa’s story plays an important role in Greek mythology because of her fascination with events from her demise to her death.

Legend has it that Medusa was a beautiful young woman with an attractive figure and beautiful hair. It is further stated that Poseidon, the lord of the sea, fell in love with her and forcibly had sex with Medusa in a temple belonging to the goddess Athena. Angered Athena punished Medusa, releasing the guilty Poseidon. Medusa was transformed into a serpent-haired demon, she was cursed to stone people at will when they catch eye contact with her.

From then on, the curse lasted until she was killed by Perseus, a hero of Greek mythology.

Athena turns Medusa into a demon
Picture: Athena turns Medusa into a demon
Video: Athena turns Medusa into a demon


Perseus was the daughter of Dene and Zeus, Dene was the daughter of King Acrisius of Agas. The priests said that if the daughter of King Acarius had a son, he would kill the king and seize the kingdom. So the king locked his daughter in a bronze chamber so that no male could see her. But one day when the king went to his daughter’s room, his daughter Dene was holding a baby boy. He came to understand that Zeus had created a golden rain and made Dene pregnant.

Because of his fear of the god Zeus, the king did not kill the daughter but threw her and her son in a wooden box into the sea. Dictus, a fisherman on the island of Serifous, rescued them and raised Perseus as his son.

 A picture sowing Princess Dane and her son landing on the island
Picture: A picture sowing Princess Dane and her son
landing on the island

The challenge of killing Medusa

Dictais was the brother of Polydectus who was the king of Serif. Polydectus saw Princess Dene and thought of owning her. But Perseus did not like it, thinking that his mother was going to marry a Dirty king. So Polydectus devised a plan to murder Perseus. And told him to kill Medusa and bring her head back.

Since Perseus was a child of a god, he received many gifts from Gods to go on this journey. He received a helmet of invisible power from Hades, shoes with wings from Hermes, a bronze shield with reflective power from Athena, and a sword from Hippitus. With these, Perseus finds Medusa who was sleeping, and with the help of Athena’s shield, escaped her sight and killed her by cutting off her head.

Children Of Medusa

When Perseus killed Medusa, she was pregnant with Poseidon. Her children Pegasus, a golden-winged horse, and Chrysler, a golden giant, were born after she was killed. It is said that Perseus put Medusa’s head in a bag and fled in the helmet with invisible powers, as her sisters arrived at the scene shortly after Medusa was killed. Some legends say that he also took Pegasus.

Perseus and Pegasus
Picture: Perseus and Pegasus

The power that rested on Medusa’s head

When Medusa’s head was carried by Perseus over Libya, blood dripped from her head and turned into snakes. Legend has it that this is the reason why snakes made a habitat around Libya.

On the way back, Perseus asked for shelter from Atlas, but he refused. Perseus got angry and turned Atlas into a mountain by using Medusa’s head. Legends also have it that on many other occasions Perseus used Medusa’s head to defeat his enemies.

 Perseus turns Atlas into a mountain
Picture: Perseus turns Atlas into a mountain


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