This universe is a really wonderful place. It is a place full of various unbelievable events, things, and mysteries that still do not lead to the right conclusions. It is not surprising that every living thing that arises in the world or is born, has that birth as well as the eventual death. The end of life can happen in many different ways. In the final days of life The end of this life can occur in a variety of ways, from becoming ill, becoming a victim of a parasite, committing suicide, or being involved in an accident.

But is it possible that the end of life can take place in another way without the above events taking place? That may not be the case, but at this point, I have to say it could happen. So today we bring you this article about the most horrible mysterious death in history that has unfortunately taken a toll on human life, and yet can happen. And then we talk about what causes this death and how could this happens.

On September 15, 1982, a woman named Jeannie Saffin sat in the dining room chair with her father in London. 1982 [15] Father’s name is Jack Saffin. At this point (around 7.00 pm) this dad sees something like a squint in his eye. It was a horrible sight to see, Dad looked away in panic. At that moment, Dad saw Jeannie Saffin lying in a cloud of fire. Not only that, the father later stated that he even saw flames coming out of her mouth.

Jeannie Saffin
Picture: Jeannie Saffin

The father who saw this could not imagine what was happening. Dad, who was quick to act, pulls Jeannie Saffin to put out the fire and goes to a water tap. Jack Saffin’s son-in-law Don Carroll is also in the house at the time. Then Dad yells at him for help. Then the two get together and try to put out the fire as soon as possible. But every time they try, they see that this fire is coming from inside Jeannie Saffin’s body. However, with great effort, they managed to put out the fire. As soon as the fire is extinguished, they took Jeannie Saffin to the hospital. But Jeannie, who was in pain, died eight days later.

Jeannie Saffin's dead body

What do you think about this incident? .. I will tell you a little more about this before you answer together. Later, Jeannie Saffin’s father stated that there was nothing flammable around Jeannie Saffin at the time of the fire. Not only Dad but even the investigators who investigated this said that there was nothing flammable around her. I think you may not even think about this. Well, let’s look at another example.

On July 1, 1951, Mary Hardly Reeser, 67, of San Pittsburgh, Florida, USA, had a very peaceful day. And his son Richard Reeser came to see her that day. He was a doctor by profession.

Mary Hardly Reeser
Picture: Mary Hardly Reeser

After a few hours of friendly conversation between the two, Richard leaves and during the conversation, Mary says that she usually uses a drug called Seconal as a remedy for several things, including her difficulty falling asleep.

Seconal or secobarbital is a short-acting barbiturate drug that is usually given Seconol to calm the patient before surgery. It has the ability to calm the person down by acting on the central nervous system, including the brain.

Some days when Mary gets more sleepy, she sleeps in the armchair in the living room. That night, Mary slept on a chair in the living room, which was the last night Mary was alive.

The next morning a postman arrives to deliver a telegram to Mary. He arrives and knocks on Mary Reason’s door, but he gets no answer from her. The postman already knows that there is an old lady in the apartment. So he thinks at the time that she is deaf because she is old. Since this is a telegram unit, it must be handed over to the owner.

So there was no response from her, so he decided to check to see if the door was locked. He then touches the iron ball on the door lock. Then he realizes that the ball in this door is unusually hot. He quickly pulls his hand away and panics. He later informed Landlord, who owns the apartment, that he was in the apartment.

As soon as the news broke, the landlady came to Mary’s house with the postman to find out. Landlady decides to visit the room in the building where Mary lives. The landlord, who touches the door lock to open Mary’s room, also finds it too warm to touch. Realizing that something was wrong, she immediately reported the matter to the neighbors and called the police. Then they break the lock of the door with the police and go inside. There is no smoke in it but they feel a strangely big heat. Going forward, the audience sees an unbelievably dangerous scene.

Mary Hardly Reeser's body parts
Picture: Mary Hardly Reeser’s body parts

They find parts of Mary’s burnt body as a complete remnant on a burnt sofa chair in the living room. Her skull had shrunk to the size of a small cup, and the part with the ankles on one leg was found without any burns or damage. The black shoes she was wearing on that foot can be seen as well. All the remaining body parts were almost completely burnt.

Mary’s death left a lot of questions. Combustion specialists who examined the combustion samples of her death said that she was burned for 2-3 hours at a temperature of about 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. This was not possible at all, as the heat emitted during the combustion of ordinary fabrics, plastics, and resins rarely exceed 800 Fahrenheit, and the temperature used for cremation in crematoria is only 1500-2000 Fahrenheit.

It is a question of what source caused such a heatwave to occur simultaneously. Another highlight was the damage to the area around her room where Mary was burned. The damage from a typical fire of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit is enormous, but no severely burned furniture is found nearby, except for the chair on which Mary was sitting. The walls of the room were painted black, but their paintwork was not significantly damaged. Several electrical circuit switches had melted and surprisingly many of the nearby newspapers were unharmed.

The biggest mystery here was that none of this was the exact cause of the fire. There is no acceptable cause for this, such as an electrical circuit fault or a flammable material leak. The other was that there was no evidence that Mary had made any attempt to escape the fire at the time of the fire. The fact that she was seen sitting on the same chair doubled the mystery of the incident. Also, Jeannie Saffin, whom I mentioned above, is sitting in a chair with her arms and legs crossed and her head slightly raised.

Wilton M. Krogman, Professor of Physical Anthropology, who investigated Mary’s case, stated that …

“This is one of the most amazing and confusing events I have ever seen. I do not understand how such a burn could not have spread to any other area around the building, I have never studied anything like this before.”

Professor Wilton has said that the most common cause of burns is an enlargement or rupture of the skull, but it is difficult to describe Mary’s skull got small as a cup.

Afterwards, samples of Mary’s body, the chair in which she was sitting, the carpets, and even the air samples from the smoke in the house were examined in a special laboratory by the American FBI, but no evidence of any flammable substance was found except the melted fat tissue in the carpet. The death of Mary Riser, as well as the death of Jeannie Saffin, quoted above, left many such mysteries, and no one has given an idea of the cause of all this.

Let us now examine some of the accepted theories regarding the death of Jeannie Saffin and the death of Mary.


The largest, most popular, and most mystical view of this is that Mary Rieser and Jeannie Saffin were sponsored by human combustion. There have been about 200 reports of spontaneous cremation in various parts of the world, the first of which dates back to 1470 when Polonus Vorstius, then living in Melon, Italy, was reported to have been spontaneously cremated, followed by 1745 in Cesena, Italy and The most recent case was reported in 2010 in Ireland.

 Another mysterious deaths That happened like this
Picture: Another mysterious deaths That happened like this

However, this phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion is still controversial in science. Many medical scientists say that it is not scientific for a human body containing 60% water to be burned internally at the same time. Let’s take a look at what spontaneous human combustion really is.

The human body naturally contains a certain amount of flammable compounds.

fatty tissues Acetone, which is formed during the fatty acid oxidation in the body. Methane produced by anaerobic bacterial activity in the body Alcohol also produced in the body in small quantities.

The most important of these is acetone, which is harmful to the human body and is excreted from the body by the lungs as it is volatile. Acetone is a highly volatile and highly volatile compound as we know it.

These compounds accumulate in high levels in body tissue fluid and are released as vapor at the same time, which can lead to spontaneous human combustion, according to an article in the journal New Scientist by biologist Brian J. Ford. In addition,

Things that maintain the static electricity in the body

  • Heavy stress
  • Obesity
  • Genetically determined high body
  • Temperature
  • Heavy alcohol consumption
  • Bacterial species too

Those were mentioned above said to be the cause of spontaneous human combustion.

Alcoholism, diet variations, and diabetes all-cause acetone to rise in the body, and all three of these factors were found in Mary, and also high concentrations accumulated in her body. Theories suggest that the cigarettes she was using may have caught fire due to overheating, low levels of internal heat, minimal damage to the surrounding area, and the fact that she did nothing during the fire.

However, many doctors have suggested that large quantities of acetone are needed for such a fire and that the body cannot withstand such a concentration of acetone, and that acetone may poison the nervous system before the combustion process takes place. However, in the case of Jeannie Saffin, her father says that her life was still alive after the fire and that the flames came out of her mouth (even inside the body) when the fire broke out. Therefore, this has become a very dangerous mysterious death that shatters the above conclusions.


Mary finds evidence that she was smoking on the night of the incident. Therefore, it is currently accepted in the American FBI that the cigarette may have slipped out of her hand and fallen on the carpet as she fell asleep. The windows of the room were also open, so the fire may have started at a better concentration of oxygen, than the carpet, the chair, and Mary’s body. FBI officials believe Mary’s body may have been burned under the influence of the Wick effect.

The wick effect is the absorption/sinking into the melting fat tissue of a person’s clothing, especially when a person is considered to have a large amount of fat tissue, especially after the body has caught fire, activating it like the wick of a candle. The process of burning other tissues in the body is like burning a candle. The body’s adipose tissue is the main cause of the burn. They believe that this might be the reason.

Another mysterious deaths That happened like this
Picture: Another mysterious deaths That happened like this

However, at a temperature of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, how did such an ordinary fire come about? Why did Mary remain silent until she was burnt to ashes? This opinion does not provide an answer to the questions.


The second argument is that flammable compounds are present in certain amounts in furniture and wall paint in the home.

Varnish Kerosene Magnesium and Phosphorus Napalm

This fire may have been caused by a mixture of these compounds. However, laboratory data do not indicate that any of these compounds contributed significantly to the fire. It is a question of whether it contributed to the fire.


The final opinion on this is between the Internet and those who claim that Mary’s death was caused by an extraterrestrial influence, that is, that Mary may have been the victim of an alien attack. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. It has been shown to be very similar to any other high-tech laser attack in that it emits more heat, minimizes damage to the environment, and prevents Mary from escaping.

They also point out that this was not a fire that lasted for hours, but an instantaneous one, and that even the skeletal tissue in the body is 31% water so that when the water is removed by a sudden high heat, the bones do not explode and shrink. They point out that this is very clear.

How Spontaneous human combustion works

What was the cause of this unfortunate incident which actually befell that old woman, Mary Reiser, and Jeannie Saffin? What was that terrible event that caused them to burn to ashes? Was it a fire caused by the cigarette she was smoking or was it caused by a collection of unknowingly burning combustible compounds in the house? Or was she involved in a process called spontaneous human combustion that has not yet been revealed in science? Or is this nothing but evidence that there are dangerous forces at work invisible to science?

We do not know whether future science will reveal a definitive answer to this. For now, it remains a mystery about what caused the tragic fate of Mary Riser and Jeannie Saffin, who turned to ashes on that dark lonely night.

But in the end, I have to tell you one thing. That is, you and I will inevitably die one day. One is the nature of the world. The time of death depends on the amount of life you brought to the world at birth. At the end of that life, you will inevitably die. One permanent world nature. You can’t tell if you are old, middle-aged, young, spending tomorrow or now. At the end of your life, you may die from an ant bite or a fire as mentioned above.

The same thing happened to Mary and Jenny. So always live happily, in peace, with love, kindness, and helping others. Because it determines what will be your next soul or the life amount of that soul.


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