Many ancient battles had started because of a little step. In a time where everyone was suffered in front of black-white class divisions; is in the 4th of February 1913, a girl called Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama. Her parents separated when she became two years. After this incident, Rosa Parks lived with her mother under the roof of her mother’s parents. Rosa’s granny Rose and her grandfather Sylvester Edwards were enslaved at a young age. Because of that both of them were really protested about Black and white racism.

Little Rosa realized that she is Insecure from whites, by seen her grandfather standing in front of the house with a gun to protect Residents after seen a member of the Ku Klux klan which was a white racist group strongly opposed to blacks, walking on the road next to the home. Little Rosa had an education with experiences against racism by many incidents like this. The farm was maintained by the elder Sylvester couple to make living.

Little Rosa had to go on feet to a cornered school for black children, situated in pine level, Alabama. By seeing that Government has provided new school building and transport services to white children. In 1929, 16 years Rosa who was studying Montgomery Industrial School for Girls, went back to pine level to take care of her mother and a sick grandmother.

Rosa Parks who became 19 in 1932, married a carpenter called Raymond Parks. Rosa’s husband raised his voice against racism and for civil rights, also an active member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) which was an organisation for Prosperity of blacks. Young Rosa who got a degree from high school with help of Raymond joined to NAACP’s Montgomery branch as a young leader in 1943. After that, she became the Secretary of its chairman E.D. Nixon and did a great service to achieve blacks civil rights till 1957.

Rosa parks in young age
Picture: Rosa parks in young age

Rosa Parks did not come back home after went for her official duty on the 1st of December 1955. In the case of buses at that time, there was a law to reserve front seats for whites and back seats for blacks. That law was operated by bus drivers to point. Because of this racial bus law, black people who get on to a bus should have to get on from the front door and pay the bus fares and get off and get on the bus again from the back door and get seated.

The bus that Rosa parks were travelling got crowded suddenly. The driver who kept an eye on the bus saw some white people were standing while black people seated. Therefore bus driver informed four black people including Rosa to offer their seats to whites. Even though bus drivers did not have the power to order someone to offer their seat which they have seated no matter the color according to City Bus Ordinance. Bus drivers used to call the police and handed that black person when a black person rejected to offer their seat to a white person.

Even though three black people who knew that stood up and offer their seats to whites, Rosa did not stand up. After informing Rosa’s Protest police came and arrested her and charges were filed against her under Section 11 of Chapter 6 of the Montgomery City Code. Her friends were able to release her from the policy by paying bail that night while she had been carried to Police Headquarters.

The way bus that incident happened palced in a museum as a souvenir
Picture: The way bus that incident happened palced in a museum as a souvenir

On Rosa’s trial day on the 5th of December 1955, African Americans decide to strike Montgomery buses for show protest about arresting her. Black American who decided to Not to go for duties, even they go to work go on foot or a private vehicle, not to send children to schools, kept striking for 381 days continually.

Rosa who was arrested
Picture: Rosa who was arrested

On the trial day, around five hundred black people came to the court premises to support Rosa who came with her lawyer Fred Gray. After half an hour, the trial Judiciary decided Rosa is Guilty of all the Allegations levelled against her. In order that she had to pay a $10 fine and $4 Legal fees. The results were all Montgomery buses became empty. Over 40,000 African Americans went to their Places of work on foot daily. Some people walked more than twenty miles.

Rosa parks with Martin Luther King
Picture: Rosa parks with Martin Luther King

Because of black people strike buses, The financial crisis that was faced by bus owned white people, because severe Gradually. Even though white people bombed black people who operated strike and broke the houses of leaders like King and E.D. Nixon, their attempted to stop the strike was not successful.

Rosa’s lawyer filed a case against the low of reserve seats in bus showing black and white division, in District Court of Central District of Alabama. In June 1956 According to That trial that law introduced as Jim crow laws that were based on ethnic division, It is unconstitutional. Even though Montgomery control filed an appeal against that American Supreme Court ratified the decision of the district court. Therefore Montgomery rulers had abolished the force of that law. According to that decision, African Americans stopped the Montgomery striking on 20th December 1956.

Rosa parks in middle age
Picture: Rosa parks in middle age

Rosa and her husband lost their jobs during a strike and they left Montgomery and went to Detroit, Michigan. In there she worked for many institutes to secure peoples civil rights. On the 24th of October 2005, after living 92 years she left this world while watching Millions of blacks enjoy the rights that she won for them, from her own eyes.

Rosa parks in old age
Picture: Rosa parks in old age


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