Prometheus was a titan made humans by clay according to Greek myths. But Prometheus cunningly acted as a mediator in the question of what people should offer to the Greek gods or Olympians. So Zeus, the chief of the Greek gods, was asked to place two offerings in front of him and choose one of them, after which the offering would continue to be offered by the humans. Zeus agreed and Prometheus prepared two offerings before him.

One of the two offerings was a selection of fine beef hidden in a cow’s stomach. (A very good thing was hidden in something unpleasant and presented) The other offering was filled with shiny fat over the bones of an ox and served. ( Something inedible was placed inside and covered with something that looked pleasing and served) the bones of the bull, which looked pleasing on the outside, were accepted by Zeus and agreed upon as a sacrifice.

This was to the advantage of the people, and from then on they kept the meat for their consumption and offered the fatty bones as an offering. When Zeus knew that, he became angry and in retaliation, Zeus hid the fire from the people, which was very important to him. ( In some places it is said that people knew about the fire beforehand but took it back from them)

But Prometheus felt sad about humans and went to Olympus mountain and stole fire from the factory of Hephaestus who was a Greek god and as well as a blacksmith and put it into an empty torch and gave to humans.

How Prometheus steals fire from a blacksmith on Mount Olympus
Picture: How Prometheus steals fire from a blacksmith on Mount Olympus

This allowed humans to get warm and make various devices. But now Zeus was furious and decided that Prometheus should be punished. Do Zeus took Prometheus to the top of a very high mountain called the Caucasus and tied him to a rock with a very thick chain made by Hephaestus.

A picture of Prometheus giving fire to people.
Picture: A picture of Prometheus giving fire to people.

After that Zeus sent an eagle to Prometheus daily. The eagle arrives and devours the liver of the living Prometheus. Within a day, Prometheus liver was fully grown. The next day the eagle returns and breaks and eats that liver and flies away. This daily torture lasted for thirty-year nonstop. One day a son of Zeus and half-god Hercules who came to that place saw the Prometheus.

Hercules saves Prometheus from the eagle's by shooting from bow
Picture: Hercules saves Prometheus from the eagle’s by shooting from bow

He, with the permission of Zeus, killed the eagle that broke Prometheus’s liver every day with his bow and freed Prometheus from his persecution. But because Zeus ruled that the standard should be tied to the same rock, Prometheus took a piece of the rock from which he was bound and wore it as a necklace over his wrist. Jewelry rings and bracelets are said to have come among the people since then. Thirty years later, Prometheus was released.


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