There are few reasons for us to study history. That is because helps us to get a light mental level for us who have a busy life today, an exploratory feeling, Entertainment like a hobby. There are topics that we talk about. Prehistoric era, civilizations, Revolutions, world wars are included. Dinosaurs can be introduced as an interesting and amazing topic that a load of people who talk about history, is like. Sometimes students can be taught about that under school education. We can see even playful kids are interested in this topic.

Group of Christians who collaborated via social networks in 2015, Restricted their children from playing with dinosaurs toys. Normally kids question every single this that they see. Even though there are so many things like information about World creationism and the origin of man in religions, that every religion has forgotten dinosaurs that may be a huge question for kids also. Not having about a Mesozoic era which was the time of dinosaurs and dinosaurs in the texts of Christianity in a specific time period was a phenomenon that was made by A group of Christians. That was news that shook the social networks at that time.

Other things that are not in religions

Many religions came to the world before the industrial revolution which means 1800. Even Astrology which is considered a science by some people, knew about some planets like Uranus, Neptune, Pluto after scientists discovered them by looking through Telescopes. It looks like that The world’s leading religions that originated in Indian, China, Europe, have completely forgotten to add even a sentence about animals like penguins and kangaroos.

About animals like cow, lion, snake as well as birds which are the animals that lived in contemporary religious societies, were added to religious books. In some religious books, there are some clear details about some animals and even the way of they originated.

History of earth that belongs to dinosaurs

Picture: History of dinosaurs
Picture: History of dinosaurs

It is 65 million years now since the dinosaurs disappeared from the earth. Before that dinosaurs had been lived on earth for 160 million years according to Fossil is only Two hundred thousand years since modern man came into the world. If we somehow made a 24 hours long film about the origin of life on Earth, the human can be seen in the last two seconds.

Dinosaurs and the giants of their generation that lived 160 million years, were a stable animal group on the earth. The era where dinosaurs lived, can’t be avoided when studying human history and the history of life. The time when such dinosaurs lived on earth was one of the longest periods of life on our planet. Moreover the dinosaurs were a huge animal group that can’t be avoided.

Religion and society at that time

Many of the Buddhism, Jainism, and Brahmin religions that originated in India abhorred animal slaughter, many of which were vegetarian. Indian farmer who lived that time was someone who eats something by cultivating them. He did farming with the help of animals like a cow.

Because of that killing cows is a fault and many people became vegetarian. Indian is the place where most vegetarians live in the world and it is 30% of the overall Indian population that vegetarian people are over three hundred million. Brahmin religions aka religions that believe the world originated from a single god born from the west, originated in a society where animals were raised and killed to eat. Therefore animal meat was directly used as a food because of that the Brahmin religions that began that time did not disgust that.

There are so many factors that the religion has adapted to so many things that there at that time. The Buddha as well as contemporary Jaina Mahavira advised monks to stay in monasteries during the rainy season as it rains heavily in Bengal and Bihar in India even today. There are so many contemporary details in the many religious books at that time.

Is religion Eternal?

Picture: dinosaurs fossils
Picture: dinosaurs fossils

Religious leaders repeatedly say that religion is an eternal thing that describes itself from beginning to end in the eternal is so different from religion to religion that the way its religious leader explained the Genesis of the world, the future of the world, the end of the world, The birth of man into the world, The birth of animals into the world. Some religious groups are trying to equal their religion to science by comparing their religious part to a thing that is in scientific knowledge. But if we took all the religious lectures there are so many conflicts among them. It is a place where scientific opinions are seldom matched and there are no real reasonable adjustments.

Have dinosaurs been discovered by science?

Is Dinosaur a Myth? Someone can think that if science knows that much cannot dinosaurs be remade. Finding evidence of dinosaurs (fossils) and claiming that their life was certain on Earth is not said by a group of people who in one book or practice a religion. The knowledge about dinosaurs and the time they lived, has been supplied by researches done by knowledge systems that were born in Laboratories, universities all around the world.

A simple part of that knowledge can be known by books, videos, and websites on the internet in a form that people can easily understand. According to that the thought about dinosaurs was not on a book, did not come from a school generation, did not know from a divine message other than a knowledge that scientifically confirmed.

Do not think that “the duty of the religion is to define the dinosaurs” because of the way I say it

I think the duty of religion is simply is giving Some peace to the human mind as well as good advice to life. But when we look at some religious books there so many things more than Discipline the mind like things related to women, animals that lived that time, politics, space, end of the world as well as the moon, sun, stars, Lunar eclipse are described in there. How did these Scholars who know about all the universe, missed to mention dinosaurs.

Do dinosaurs appear like those giant animals like dragons

Picture: Dragons
Picture: Dragons

Some people thought is that even though the dinosaurs are not in religious books in the exact same name but it could be dinosaurs that appear like big dragons. But dragons are arguments that began later relating to religions as well as when we think about the appearance there are so many differences between dragons and dinosaurs. That is because it says that dragons blow fire and they have attractive colors. Also in concepts like heaven and hell that come in religious stories, there is not even a close mention about dinosaurs or the same animal like that.

Will religion be denied because of the disappearance of the dinosaurs?

If the knowledge of initial religious scholars was a sea, the first Messenger or Religion preacher say little amount like a small cup that is really important to Devotees. From that little amount which is like a cup, only a little amount like a saucer is going to books. Due to the confusion of the ancient language and the missing parts, we have received only a drop in the religious knowledge we have today.

However, we may have missed the Dinosaurs that we do not see today, in the aforementioned knowledge sea, in that cup of knowledge, or in that saucer of knowledge. However, it is surprising that every religion as well as eventually present religious books have dropped dinosaurs and the era that dinosaurs lived.

I did not post this article to despise the religions or their Teachings. Also, I think that this article is not like that. I apologize if you felt like that somehow. In this letter, I brought you a question that I had since my childhood. As well as a thing for you to think….


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