The beginning of Norse mythology (Nσɾʂҽ Mყƚԋσʅσɠყ)

Norwegian mythologies originated with the beliefs and cults of the then Scandinavian Vikings. ( Norway, Sweden, Denmark in present )in this letter let’s see how it is mentioned in Norwegian mythologies about the way universe is begun.

Initially, there were blank called Ginnungagap. It was the border that separated the land of fire Muspelheim and the land of snow Niflheim. But the snow with the Niflheim was moving into the Ginnungagap and it was exploded. On the other hand, the heat of Muspelheim went to the blank space and started to melts the snow that was there. A giant called Ymir was born by the melted snow. He was sleeping in the snow and he was started to sweat because of heat and the first creatures were originated from that.

Ginnungagap, Muspelhei & Niflheimm,
Picture: Ginnungagap, Muspelhei & Niflheimm,

A big cow was born with Ymir by the melted snow. The Audumbla cow was liking A lump of snow with salt for food and another person was born by it. His name was Buri and he is the creator of Norwegian gods.

Ymir, Audumbla & Buri
Picture: Ymir, Audumbla & Buri

Buri created a snow giant named Jotnar. Also, Buri gave birth to Borr with a giant lady. With snow giant lady Bestla they gave birth to Óðinn, Vili, and Vé who were Norse gods.

But the three brothers, including Óðinn, were staying in the mountains of Gininggad in sad. They realized that they should do something to create new things. So they killed the first creature Ymir. Oceance and rivers were made by Ymir’s blood. lands and dry lands were created from his flesh. Warms were born on Ymir’s flesh and from them, dwarfs and elves were born.

Odin, Vili & Ve attack Ymir
Picture: Odin, Vili & Ve attack Ymir

After that in worlds including Midgard, newcomers were born. After Midgard aka earth was made Óðinn and his brothers made the first man and woman by two trunks on the beach. Óðinn gave life to them and Vili gave them Intelligence, Vé created their eyes, ears, and mouths. The man was made by ash trunk so he was named Askr and the woman was made by elm trunk so she was named Embla. the humans were born by them and since then Midgard became the human world.

Óðinn was called “father of all” because he made the very first man and woman.

Odinn, Vili and Ve create Ask & Embla and a statue of Ask & Embla
Picture: Odinn, Vili and Ve create Ask & Embla and a statue of Ask & Embla

Norwegian gods are divided into two groups as Aesir & Vanir. Gods who were in Asgard including Óðinn were Aesir. There were main and very powerful Warrior gods. Vanir gods were considered as low power full gods comparing to Aesir gods. ( I hope to tell about them in detail in next letter )

Finally, these three brothers created Asgard which is the home of Norwegian gods and it was separated from other worlds from a bridge called Bifröst. Norwegian gods control started like this.

As said before thee were nine worlds originated and all of these worlds were in the branches and roots of a big tree called Yggdrasil. These nine worlds are,

Picture: Yggdrasil

1) Asgard – Home of Aeris gods

2) Álfheimr – The world of elf

3) Svartálfaheimr / Niðavellir – the world of dark elf and dwarfs. These dwarfs were very skilled craftsmen and blacksmiths many powerful weapons of Norwegian gods were made by them.

4) Midgard – Earth

5) Jötunheimr – The world of snow giants, including Jotnar

6) Vanaheimr – Vanir gods world

7) Niflheim – The land of snow

8) Muspelheim – World Ruler of the Fire Giants Saturn was the ruler here

9) Helheim – The underworld. Ony dead souls can enter this world. ( According to Greek myths tarace is like underworld.) This was ruled by Norse god Loki’s daughter hel.

So in the next letter let’s find out about Norwegian gods and animals aka creatures that lived in the Yggdrasil tree.



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