Borden’s Murder case was cited in the United States law books as a disturbing event in the late 19th century. Lizzie Borden, a Sunday school teacher, was arrested on suspicion of these murders but was later acquitted and released. How these killings took place is still a mystery until now.

Before Murders

On August 4, 1892, the residents of the Borden Family Woke up early In the morning as usual. Bridget Sullivan, their Irish maid, served breakfast to householder: Borden and his wife, Abby, as usual. At the time, Emma, the first daughter of the Borden family, was visiting her friends.

 Lizzie Borden
Picture: Lizzie Borden

Thirty-two-year-old Lizzie Borden, the youngest daughter of the Borden family, was a Sunday school teacher who was sleeping upstairs alone. After a while, she woke up and came downstairs after her uncle, John Moss, had left the house. Then told Bridget that she had no appetite for breakfast.

The Borden family was considered a wealthy family in the Fault River area of Massachusetts. Andrew was on the board of officers of several regional banks and owned wealthy properties as well. Abby went upstairs to make Moss’ bed. After a while, she came out to get some pillows covers.

Lizzie and Emma were Andrew’s two children from his previous marriage. The two of them and stepmother Abby were not so friendly. This is why they called Abby “Mrs Borden”.

When Andrew returned home, the maid opened the door. Lizzie came downstairs and told her father that Mrs Bowden had gone to see a friend who got sick. She also mentioned that Abby received a letter explaining that matter.

Believing this, Andrew went to his room, rested for a few minutes, left the room, and sat down on a chair. Bridget Sullivan was in poor health that day and had a fever so she worked with discomfort. Her eyes closed for a moment but suddenly she woke up to Lizzie’s screams.

A horrible double murder

When Bridget woke up with Lizzie’s screams, she immediately ran to the living room. She saw Mr Bowden lying with terrible bruises on his face, it was so distorted beyond recognition. His body was covered in blood Bridget immediately sought the help of neighbours. She also sought the help of the family doctor.

Neighbours were also shocked by the sight. When they inquired about Abby, Lizzie told the same story That she told her dad. Abby’s body was later found upstairs with fatal injuries.

How Andrew and Abby died
Picture: How Andrew and Abby died

Abby had been beaten nineteen times with an axe Andrew had been also killed by beating eleven times with the same axe Andrew’s head was split in two by the attack However, the doctor who examined the blood of both of them came to the conclusion that Abby was the first to be killed.

Lizzie, meanwhile, expressed shock and said the two had not been in good health recently. She said there were allegations that someone was mixing poison into their milk. But tests showed that no such poisoning had taken place.

Police investigations

Initially, the police did not suspect Lizzie She swore that she was in the granary at the time of the killings. Meanwhile, a bloody axe used to kill chickens is found in the suburbs between Borden’s house. Police also found information about a suspicious person who had been wandering near Borden’s house for several days. As a result, the investigation into the killings became more complicated. At first, the police suspect Bridget Sullivan and later she was dispelled.

Meanwhile, the police focused their attention on the letter Abby received.

The police concluded that it must have been somewhere in the house and searched for it. Lizzie stumbled a bit. She told a friend named Alice Russell that Abby might have burned it. The police became more suspicious about Lizzie and continued their investigations focusing on her.

It was revealed that a few days before the murder, she had asked for cyanide from a drug store and could not get it without a doctor’s prescription. Later that evening, she told her friend Alice that someone was trying to harm her family.

A few days later, Alice meets Lizzie again and sees her burning one of her dress. When she asked about the dress, Lizzie told Alice that it was overused. Alice got suspicious and she immediately informed the police about Lizzie’s behaviour. Lizzie got arrested by the police immediately.

Borden House
Picture: Borden House

The trial against Lizzie Bowden

The trial against Lizzie started as soon as she got arrested. It lasted about 14 days. But the police couldn’t confirm anything against her. There was no evidence against her in her body, even in her room. Furthermore, Lizzie Borden’s lawyer pointed out that if she carried out those attacks by the axe, there would have been blood on her body or clothes. So there was no such evidence proving that she did it. Someone said that she carried out those attack while being naked.

Eyewitnesses also testified that Lizzie was in the granary at the time of the killings. It was concluded that there was no connection between the cyanide request and the murder At the end of the trial Lizzie was found not guilty and released.


No one has been found responsible for Borden’s murder ever since, Some say Lizzie may have been involved in the killings with her sister. It was later rumoured that Lizzie and Bridget were having an affair and that they had committed the murders. Lizzie, who lived a quiet life after being acquitted, died in 1927 at the age of 67 Today, Borden’s home is a museum.


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