Samurai is a powerful war caste that lived during the feudal period in Japan. Initially, they lived as Local troops. They owned the power in japan until the end of the feudal period in the present many samurais are holding high positions in politics and the industrial field. Samurai’s law about Discipline and Morality was restored and made as the base of the many parts of Japanese society. We are hoping to bring information about samurais to you from this article.


Samurai history

Years 786 to 1185 samurais worked as Armed allies Of wealthy landowners. The meaning of the word samurai can be Roughly said as “Servant”. At the beginning of the twelfth century, the political power of japan was Lost from The Emperor and The riches around them and Fell into the hands of leaders of various castes. A war called Gempei happened between Taira and Minamoto which were two main castes among them. From them, the Minamoto caste where samurais were belongs defeated the Taira caste and won the war. At that time Yoritomo worked as a samurais leader.

Samurai women

Samurai women
Samurai women

In the group called Bushi where samurais descended women were also trained Martial arts. These women were called “Onna Bugeisha”. They joined with other male fighters for the battle. According to researches that did recently, proved women had joined to war more than mentioned in Japanese history books. Samurai wives were considered very obedient people. They should do all works of their husbands.


When it was homosexuality samurais were open-minded. They accepted homosexual relationships in their culture without interruption and Support was provided for them. Mostly these relationships happened when an experienced samurai trains a young samurai. This habit was called Wakashudo. If it says that how much homosexuality exited in samurai society if someone did not involve in the Wakashudo process he will have to face a series of other’s questions.

Higher education patterns that they had

Higher education patterns in Samurai

Samurais were really clever not only for martial arts but also for education. They handled the sword as well as the pen. Later it was really helpful for them to take high positions in state and to take politics to their hand because they were educated. In the year 1603 to 1868 samurai’s education standards were higher than in Central Europe.

Making weapons

Samurai weapons

Samurais were born talented at making swords. Kanata sword can be introduced as A powerful sword genre. The blades of these swords that were used by samurais for war, were very sharp and strong. When deciding prices of these swords it fluctuated on the publicity of the person who made that. Sometimes a broken sword that is made by a well-known person, price is higher than a brand new sword made by a small Craftsman. After making a sword they were tested using dead bodies or prisoners. The Standard of blades decided on how much does sword is cut.

Samurai dresses

Samurai dresses
Samurai dresses

Samurais were also fashion designers. A massive effect happened by them for the fashion on those days. The clothes made by them depend on the wants of a soldier.

Preparation of war face masks

Samurais made face and heat shields for use in the war. They were made by using small parts connecting to various pieces of jewelry. Other purposes of these face masks were to terrify the enemy.

The suicide ritual they possessed

The suicide ritual they possessed in samurai

A severe ritual that they had was the suicide is called “Seppuku” and “Hara – Kiri”. If a samurai was not able to follow Bushido or it is about to be captured by an enemy he should suicide. Seppuku can be done voluntarily or it can be a punishment. According to them, it is an honorable death. This was done by cutting the stomach left to right with a sharp this cutting should be done until Intestines come out. After Intestines came out his friend should behead. Beheading was done like this because if not this person would face a long and painful death.

The end of the samurai season

In 1868 Samurai domination began to end with the restoration of the Meiji system. Democratic reforms were introduced by the Meiji system. Among that the time period that can hold government posts and People’s vote were introduced. Because of that samurai’s power in politics was restricted. Nevertheless, the new government made an army in 1873. Samurais who were angry because of new government activities, Rebellion organized to stop those things but they were not successful.



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