There was a congestion that happened in main cities in England in middle of 19th century. Suburbs began to be filled with Irish immigrants, such as the east end of England. This congestion was increased by Jewish refugees who escaped to England from Russia that was under Tsar control in 1880. A significant amount of poor people increased around London. According to London police records in 1888, only in Whitechapel in London, there were 62 Brothels and 1200 prostitutes were worked.

Not only that, because of increased population and Poverty, robberies, the level of consuming liquor, and violent acts were increased.

A killer who killed young women in White Chapel, London, started his works at this time. Long story short, it was the start of the Deadly entertainment of a serial killer.

Picture: Finding a dead body in Mitre Square

You may have heard about serial killers. Today we are going to talk about a killer like that, so first of all I will say who is a serial killer. Actually, a serial killer is someone who kills people for no reason, truly it is a mental disorder.

Also in the present, we can hear time to time where people were might be a murder done by a serial killer. This kind of killer kills the selected group. For example, if this killer selected to kill middle-aged women he kills middle-aged women. Most of the time they do not do any sexual activities such as harassment, because their happiness is killing. So we are talking today about a serial killer like that, who was in is a mystery even today.

He is Jack the Ripper…

Famous Sherlock Holmes’s writer Arthur Conan Doyle had searched about this killer. But still, it is a mystery who was the Jack the Ripper. So many films were produced based on his character. In 1888, these murders were started in Whitechapel in London. His target was Street prostitutes, his murders were really Cruel and Inhuman. He had killed and internal organs were taken out and spread. Therefore a lot of people who did research about this said he could be a surgeon.

This way of killing was the same, none of these women who were killed were raped. But Sexual areas of some women were severely harmed. His first target was Emma Elizabeth. She was a prostitute. A blunt weapon had been put to her sexual area. She died in hospital. According to her statement, three people had attacked her. She said that there was a kid. But she did not say this statement consciously. Nevertheless, the murdering was continued for three months. Because of that, this is called White chapel mystery.

Who was the killer?

From 1888 to 1891 around 11 murders happened. Even though the evidence proved that 5 murders did the same person, police were not able to find the murderer.

Police did a search to find the killer by went to houses by houses. Around 2000 people were questioned and around 80 were arrested for suspiciously.

Picture: News reports

Because of the way these murders happened, butchers, people who worked in meat shops, doctors, Surgeons were naturally suspected by people. Around 76 butchers and people who worked in meat shops were questioned around London. Civilians who were not satisfied with the unsuccessfulness of police searches did security tours at night voluntarily but the killer was not caught.

Picture: Jack the Ripper Suspects

However during the time when murders happened a wonderful letter was sent to Skotlandia police. That was killer is him and the name is Jack the Ripper and challenged that if they can catch him then catch. He said that he is killing prostitutes to prevent immorality. Since then this killer became famous as Jack the Ripper. He had sent letters to police after the murders happened then, however not only people Opposition but also Queen Victoria who was the queen of Britain at that time blamed at police.

Therefore police tours in disguise always. Because of that policeman faced the attack of normal people sometimes. Again the prostitutes were killed no matter how secretly they stayed. Nevertheless, there is the heavy thought that Jack the Ripper was someone in the royal family. This killing wave ends and after that, any murders did not happen.

Jack's Knife
Picture: Jack’s Knife

However still now the identity of Jack the Ripper is a mystery. It is another unrealized mystery that is hidden in time. According to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this killer is disguised as a woman. Sometime after that killing wave, the dying movement of a person who was sentenced to death, because of murder,

It says that he said “I am Jack”

We are ready to talk about more information about Jack the Ripper in the future. Hope every information about all the murders that he did that time in upcoming articles.


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