There were lots of battles that happened all around the world. World war I and II are main. But Trojan War is not familiar to us. The reason is that this war is considered an illusion bounded by Greek history. We ate hoping from this article to say if this war true or not by giving you information that is confirmed about the Trojan war.

What is the Trojan war?

According to Greek mythology, the Trojan war happened between ancient Greek and people who lived in troy. It is not wrong to say the Trojan that was said to happen between warriors in Tory, Anatolia, and Greek Militants at the end of the Bronze Age took the attention of Historians and people who loves to read stories about warriors who Swinging his sword and bravely went to the battlefield, for centuries. Greek historians thought is it was a myth rather than a true war, according to the Poetry book of 24 episodes named “Iliad” that was written by Greek author homer even the Trojan war might have happened in 12th and 13th centuries BC,

Beautiful Helen who eloped with Paris

Beautiful Helen who eloped with Paris

According to Greek mythology, the Trojan war happened based on god Zeus’s decision. In a time when the human world was in peace the Eris who was the goddess of strife and discord, gave a Golden apple which is called the “apple of discord” in some sources, to Hera, Athena, Aphrodite who were other Greek goddesses. While giving the apple Eris said that this golden apple should be taken by the most beautiful goddess among the tree of them. Therefore a fight started between Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite to choose the most beautiful goddess, Zeus entrusted the selection of the most beautiful goddess to prince Paris who son of king Priam in Troy.

Paris is choosing the most beautiful goddess
Picture: Paris is choosing the most beautiful goddess

It was not easy for prince Paris to decide who is the most beautiful because the three of them were so beautiful. Because of that three of these goddesses offer brides to him moreover Hera promised to give the ownership of Europe and Asia to Paris. Athena liked to offer skills, knowledge, and every talent that warrior has moreover Aphrodite promised to give the most gorgeous women who live in the world. Paris who was at a young age chose Aphrodite who was the goddess of love and beauty, as the most beautiful goddess of them.

Paris and Helen
Picture: Paris and Helen

After owed the golden apple Aphrodite fell Helen who was the most beautiful woman in the world, in love with Prince Paris as she promised. But the beautiful Helen who was married to King Menelaus in Sparta, Greece at the same time, had to elope with prince Paris to troy. The final results of this are the starting of the Trojan war that was said to happen between Sparta and troy for a decade.

A great war to rescue Helen

King Menelaus was reluctant to accept that his queen eloped with prince Paris, the idea was prince Paris kidnapped her. Therefore he operated a mission to rescue her and his brother Agamemnon was appointed as the leader. So that thousands of army and thousand of ships came closer to western Asia (Current Turkish Territory) from the Aegean Sea and surrounded Tory.

A great war to rescue Helen

All armies were led by Greek heroes like Achilles, Patroclus, Diomedes, Odysseus, Nestor. Greek had been destroying and robbing cities and villages around Troy for nine years. but they were not able to enter the city Tory because the security was high.

Agamemnon who did not call for war first time, asked king Priam to return the beautiful Helen who was brought by Prince Paris.

King Priam said that beautiful Helen came to troy of her will, and rejected to return her back, Agamemnon instantly called for a war against Troy. The Trojan War that was started like this had been hap In Trojan war god Apollo and the goddess Aphrodite fought for Tory Paris was saved by Aphrodite from a deadly short of king Menelaus.

Greek fighters who came hidden inside the wooden horse

Greek fighters who came hidden inside the wooden horse
Picture: wooden horse

Agamemnon and Greek warriors who were not able to get into troy after a battle of a decade decided to get into troy by a strategy. Therefore one day when the troy soldiers came to the battlefield they saw all Greek soldiers had left a wooden horse nearby the troy man’s gate and run away to their camp. Troy soldiers considered it as a war victory and took the wooden horse into Troy.

But when the night came the warriors who hid inside the horse under Odysseus’s leadership, came out and destroyed troy city. During the fight that happened in troy Paris got severely injured and died also the victorious Greek militant took the beautiful Helen back to Sparta and delivered her to King Menelaus.

The participation of the gods

The participation of the gods in Trojan war

Trojan War had the participation of many gods. Their participation helped to become the victorious party in any situation during the battle. The gods who helped troy are Apollo, Artemis, Ares, and Aphrodite. Gods who helped Greek was Hera, Athena, Poseidon, Hermes, and Hephaestus. God Zeus connected to war only several times and many times worked Impartially.

Trojan War epic

The epic related to the Trojan war has An oral history. The mythology part that took for Various designs, is from the Abduction of queen Helen to making the horse and attacking troy. In the 1st century B.C Roman poet Virgil published his third Academic epic that is called Aeneid. This is based on the Trojan war. The purpose of the author here was to give attractive starting to the first

Imperial dynasty of his country like Greeks.

However, it is hard to read the poem about the Trojan war. The reason is many main characters in this coming from Greek Gods. According to these creations, the guiding or interrupting for many things in the war had been done by Competing gods.

Archaeological evidence of the Trojan War

Archaeological evidence of the Trojan War

One of the most frequent debates among scholars was whether or not troy City actually existed. If it really existed then another question that people had was whether the thousands of years old city in the archaeological site where Anatolia was discovered was the city of Troy at that time. Today, however, archaeological evidence suggests that the city mentioned in Homer’s Iliad actually existed.

Archaeological evidence of the Trojan War

Archaeological excavations were carried out mainly in the year 1870. It was under an American archaeologist who was named Heinrich. He found a pile of rocks in a small fort and 25 meters deep Debris floors. Subsequent studies found more than 46 building zones. Studies have shown that people lived in the area from 3000 BC to 1950 BC. In addition, recent excavations have uncovered the ruins of a war-torn area. Among these ruins are human bones, copper arrows, spearheads, Stone shooting belts, and so on. This largely reflects the fact that this Trojan War is not a myth but a reality.


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