The revolutionary struggle began in 1789 in France. It was a challenge to the centuries-old monarchy. It was begun with the Tennis court statement & Attack on Bastille.

The monarchies of Europe took up their arms against this revolution in France, they did so for fear of losing their throne. In the spring of 1792, France declared war against Austria.

It was an opportunity for a historic creation in France. The creation was the national anthem of France still known as ‘La Marseillaise’.

Amateur Songwriters

There was uncertainty as to whether the french armies would challenge experienced military troops. The mayor of Strasburg, Philip Friedrich De Dietrich brought a proposal to his guest Claud Joseph Rouget De Lisle., The proposal was to create a song to encourage the troops. The date of this was considered to be April 25, 1792.

Philip Friedrich De Dietrich
Picture: Philip Friedrich De Dietrich

Claude Joseph Rouget De Lisle was an amateur songwriter as well as a French military officer, but not so successful writer. However he wrote the song the night the proposal was received, He named the song ‘Army Anthem of The Rhine’.

The song became popular in a short time. It was especially popular among volunteer soldiers from the town called Marseille in southern France. Hence the song became known as ‘La Marseillaise’.

Departure of volunteers in Marseillaise
Picture: Departure of volunteers in Marseillaise

The monarchy was abolished in 1792 after France’s victory in the battle of Valmy. The national congress government that came to power then made ‘La Marseillaise’ the anthem of France on July 14, 1975.


Some rulers did not like this song because it was revolutionary. Napoleon who came to power after the revolution took a different path. After France became emperor in 1804 Napoleon refused to recognize ‘La Marseillaise as the national anthem.

‘La Marseillaise was completely banned under the Bourbon dynasty that came to power with the fall of napoleon.

With the revolution of July 1830, the anthem regained its prominence. After Louis Napoleon Bonaparte came to power in 1852, another anthem was used as the national anthem. La Marseillaise was again adopted as the national in 1872.

After world war II French government decided to sang this ‘La Marseillaiase’ song in the school as an honour for dead soldiers. ‘La Marseillaise song was confirmed as a National Anthem in the 4th French Constitutional Constitution. Also, it was confirmed again in the 5th Constitutional Constitution.

The creator of this song is Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle. He wrote few songs later but those songs were not famous as ‘La Marseillaise. But he wasn’t a very famous person in French history. He was an active person in the year 1830. But he wasn’t active after this year. He was 76 years old man when he died in 1836.

He saved his life in the 5th era of Robispiar because of this song. However, his partner outreach wasn’t lucky enough to save his life. In December 1783 he died by gelatin punishment.

As a Revolutional Song

Song ‘La Marseillaiase’ becomes the song of revolutionary people. Most of the revolutionary people used this song as their national song. Paris Community also used this song. Before the international song, this song was known as Song of revolutionary people.

This song was also famous in Russia. Before the dawn of Saar et’s Russians used a song based on the melody of this song ‘La Marseillaiase’. Later Russians decided to use the Russian version of the international song as their National Anthem.


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