Cultural development (Earth and the emergence of life)

From a chimpanzee to a human, he developed his body as well as his brain. He has also changed the way he lives for a long time. It is called ‘cultural change’. This is evident from how stone tools made from antiquity changed form.

Man has changed a lot over a period of about two and a half million years. Stone tools, habitats, food, etc were thus changed and improved. The best way to spot this difference is to use stone tools. The stone tools have survived for a long time because they do not decay. Over time, the shape, size, and efficiency of man-made stone tools have improved. The cultural development of man into three main stages according to the nature of the tools Will be divided. That is,

  1. The Stone Age.
  2. The Middle Age.
  3. The Neolithic Age.

How did people live in the Stone Age?

Picture: Silcrete-stone

Those who lived during this time in groups. They used to live outdoors in some places. This group consisted of several families of about 20 to 30 members. Funerals began during this period. One of the main tasks they followed in such rituals was to paint different colours on the skeletons. Silcrete stone is used to create colours. Silcrete stone is not found in abundance. Those who lived in the areas have obtained them from the common areas. Therefore, the exchange of goods began at this time. The population was not large at this time. In the stone ages, they hunted and walked around to collect foods.

Towards the end of this period, they became accustomed to drawing and making stone figures.

Cultural development

Advances in the Middle Stone Age

The Middle Stone Age in different parts of the world did not begin at the same time, but generally, it can be confirmed that it began between 20,000 and 18,000 years ago. It was during this time that bow and arrow hunting began.

It was also during this time that they became accustomed to eating more fruits, leaves and potatoes instead of hunting. Instead of spending time walking, they used to stay in one place for a long time. The people of that time were able to build houses using wood and leaf twigs. They painted on the rock walls in different colours. Compared to the Paleolithic, it is clear that man was more advanced in the Middle Stone Age than ever before.

Changes in the Neolithic Age

Cultural development

The Neolithic Age began about 9,000 years ago. During that period some very important activities began. One of the most notable of these activities is farming. Cultivation of cereals such as wheat, barley, paddy Began to. They were tempted to get milk, eggs, meat, fur, etc. from domesticated animals. Stone tools since the first discovery of metals Instead they were able to make metal weapons.

Villages sprang up during this time because they were used to being in one place in the Middle Stone Age. The worship of God began with the protection of agriculture and the protection of animals. Therefore, people also became inclined towards religious activities during this period.

This article explains how man has progressed over a long period of time. What he developed during that time is still very useful to us today.

Among the most important things that happened during the Neolithic Age were the shifting to farming and animal husbandry and the habit of living in villages. They later influenced the emergence of civilizations. The division between the rich and the poor first began during the Neolithic Age, due to the proliferation of food for a considerable period of time, which led to the proliferation of food and thereby the enrichment of the wealth of some. The rich ones in society were powerful and they later adapted to urban life. I am ready to bring the facts about it in future articles as well.


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