Human progress of human evolution happened in Great Ice Age and “We have mentioned that in previous letters that we have referred so you know about that very well”. 12000 years ago, the Great ice age coming to the end. Therefore the coldest weather on the earth became warm. Because of this plants began to grow fertile. The animals had plenty of food to eat. This revival was felt by humans as well. This era that began new weather is called the Holocene era.

Wooden tools
Picture: Wooden tools

At this time people started farming instead of hunting animals. Found metals and took them for their uses. Animals were tamed without hunting and turned to animal husbandry. People who lived in different countries have cultivated a different kinds of grains. For example, rice cultivation was started in China.

Wheat was cultivated in the Mediterranean region for the first time. Here are the places where some of the grains we eat today were first grown,

  • Corn – Central Mexico (BC 3000) 5000 years ago from today
  • Wheat – Mediterranean region (BC 9000) 11000 years ago from today
  • Rice – China (BC 7000) 9000 years ago from today

Humans used to live in one place with their families because they turned into farming. Therefore shelters were built like houses. Villages sprang up because few people lived with their families in the same place. Human-made villages in around BC 6000 for the first time. Ruins of some villages that sprang up initially have been found.

Because of the farming, the human tried to find out grains that appropriate to eat and propagate those grains. The grains that we eat now are propagated in several parts of the world at several times. Furthermore, humans worked for making types of equipment that are essential in farming. The invention of metal made this kind of type of equipment easily manufactured. But people had tried to make that kind of type of equipment before the invitation of metals. A clay sickle that was made like this was founded by archaeologists in Israel.

The house-made for the first time was really simple. It had walls that are made of clay and a roof thatched by leafy branches. This kind of house is called wattle and daub houses. In some countries the walls of this kind of house made of wood chips.

Learning to the farm was the biggest victory for humans. They used to live in a village because they started farming instead of hunting and walking from place to place. people get lots of time to do many things because of the leisure time that they had after cropping the harvest. People-focused drawing, making statues, music as a result of this. People were able to civilize because of the motive for farming and animal husbandry.

Metal tools
Picture: Metal tools

This article explained how did initial animals that were born in the sea spread to land. In the land, many animals developed and the organisms live in present such as birds, reptiles, fish, insects, worms, arthropods, and mammals are develop like that. No matter how different they are but they all started from the same place. Human is also one of them. from being an ape, he later evolved into an intelligent man named homo sapiens.

Even if we all are included in homo sapiens today but there are some kind of differences in the face of people who live in different places in the world. The face of people living in Africa is different from those who live in China. Because of these differences homo, sapiens have been divided into four categories like Caucasoid, Negroid, Oustraloids, and Mongoloids. These differences happened because of the difference in the environment that they are living in.


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