It is not surprising that every kid believes Different opinions since childhood. Different opinions like the heroes in adventure movies exist and they can have that superpowers too, can be in their minds. Today I brought you a story of an incident that was done by a group of kids because of some kind of an opinion. You may already know that. That is children’s crusade. We are ready to bring you the story of this crusade and more information about this.

Though there is no single definition for the crusade and there is no opinion to Historians to which Military operations should be added to that, the extensive definition of the crusade is a single name that used to describe Several wars that were done by the Catholic States against mainly Muslims and some other Christians since 11th-century to 13th century. Normally a crusade started under the Approval and Support of the Pope who lived at that time. Famous crusades have been named like a first crusade and a second crusade.

However at this time, there were other religious campaigns that aiming crusades in Catholic countries. Even though they did not receive the acceptance of the pope they were called “crusades” in the normal life because of the religious background. Children’s crusade is something like that.

A letter was written by Christ? 

A teenagers came to meet King Philip II of France in Saint-Denis city in 1212, may. He said to be Steven and he was 12 years old A shepherd boy. According to Later records, He had a letter on his hand and it says that queue the people for a crusade. Steven has told King Philip that Christ came and gave his letter to him while he was looking after animals and told him to give the news about the crusades.

However king was not satisfied with this thing. He had told Steven to go home. Steven did not accept this advice and instead of that he went to a city by city and told about Christ’s message. Most teenagers focused on his message. According to some reports, few girls and adults join with this campaign, and some Local priests had given their Blessing.

At this time there was a crusade of Albigensian against Cathars in Southern France. Normally, the France religious war campaign received a huge focus because of that. Steven hoped to take Jerusalem aka Holy Land from Muslims to their hand and take the true cross that belonged to them.

 To the Holy Land by splitting the sea in two 

According to myths Steven and other kids who join with him, came to Vendôme in central France in June and came to Marseille in southern France from there. It says that Steven climbs into a farmer’s cart pulled by horses, and his followers walk from the Vendome to Marseille after him. They did not care about food and Accommodations. Steven has told them that he has the Blessing of Christ and everything will be supplied by inspiration. And he said that when they arrived at Marseille the road to the holy land would be open by splitting the sea like the Moses story in the bible.

Picture : How painters draw different moments of the children's crusade.
Picture : How painters draw different moments of the children’s crusade.

Meanwhile according to some myths information about another crusade and a teenager called Nicholas in Rhine river valley Germany, is mentioned. He also came up from the Rhine river and collected people around him. According to that story this group also teenagers. When Steven came to Marseille Nicholas came to Genoa in Italy. Nicholas’s followers came to Genoa by climbing the Alps mountains on a difficult path. Because of that considerable amount of them have died on the way.

Where there was no miracle 

However the miracle of splitting the sea happened in neither Marseille nor Genoa. The followers of Nicholas and Steven went back due to the miracle did not happen.

According to myths the few people who stayed with Steven were received free transport from Merchants of Marseille. Therefore they have sailed from Marseille.

Picture: Painting of the walking of Steven and the children that accompanying with him.
Picture: Painting of the walking of Steven and the children that accompanying with him.

However, according to later reporters, these merchants sold these kids to Slave markets in Algeria instead of taking them to the holy land.

Historical records say that Nickolas’s followers were lucky than them. They went to Rome and met the pope and he said them to go back home. Perhaps, it says that the pope has said they can do a crusade as adults later. Therefore everyone believes that these kids went home.

Some modern authors question that, did this incident happen like this? But the children’s crusade which is based on old records has become a myth. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, this can be introduced as the first Youth Movement in Europe.


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