La Llorona means “crying woman” in Spanish. La Llorona is said to be seen at Cinnamon Canons in Mexico and the US. She has a very beautiful appearance and long black hair. It is said that this soul, who wanders the reservoirs, murders children by drowning them. This soul is also known as the ” woman in white”.

Souls like these claimed to be found in some places but no one knows the origin of them.

But according to legends, there was a woman named “Maria” who was married to a wealthy man. In time, two boys were born. They had problems in the family because the woman’s lord was addicted to liquors and other women. It was very painful for her when she learned that her husband was involved in other women and relationships.

Ghost Of 'La Llorona' Filmed At Crossing In Mexico City
Picture: Ghost Of ‘La Llorona’ (A mysterious woman who was caught on camera several places in Mexico was assumed to be the la Llorona)

Her husband came from her horse with another wealthy woman when Mary was walking near the river. Although he spoke to his two children, not to Maria. She was furious, and she showed her anger to the children; by throwing them into the river. When her Helpless children were drowning, she realized his foolishness and cruelty. Even though she chased her children, Mary couldn’t save them.

She has been torn apart with the loss of her children. She walked around the lake every day trying to find them. she never bothered to have food, she became thin every day, soon she was looked like a walking skeleton. The white gown she was wearing was unclean and torn. Soon, Mary breathed her last breath near the river bank.

A art about Maria
Pictere: A art about Maria.

It is said that her broken soul started walking around the lake soon after her death. Her soul was very sad because of the loss of her children and furious by her betrayal of her husband.

Folks believed that the husbands who are cunning and lying get killed by this spirit ripping off their hearts. If this soul meets a man, she calls to make love with her by enchanting them with her beautiful appearance and charms. Anyone who agrees to her motivation is claimed as a cheater and she tores apart his heart out as punishment.

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