A memoir of true love that most people don’t know but mentioned in history. -Adalaj Stepwell

Is the Taj Mahal in India one of the best romantic souvenirs in the world? Do you think the Taj Mahal is the best romantic monument in India?.. No… That idea is completely wrong. In this article, you can find out what it is.

What is this romantic souvenir? It can be an object, place, building, or event created by one or both of the couple to commemorate or simplify a love affair. In short, a memory. But each of these romantic souvenirs can be divided into two parts. Which are love souvenirs are and true love souvenirs.

In the past, as in the present, the romantic relationships of lovers were different. I hope you who are associated with today’s society and have knowledge about those relationships. It’s okay if you don’t. Let me explain what I’m talking about. There are some who really love, there are some who falsely love, there are some people who love because they want to be loved or because of someone’s coercion, there are some people who only love to show off to society.

Like everyone who says this here, maybe you can build romantic souvenirs. But those romantic souvenirs can only become true romantic memories if they are made by people who truly love their spouse like I said the first time.

We hear and see many different types of love monuments throughout history. Among them, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Taj Mahal, Faberge Egg, Taylor-Burton Diamond, Heart-Shaped Island, Cleopatra in a Carpet are very famous souvenirs. If you ask someone what the Taj Mahal is, you will probably answer: “The Taj Mahal is a huge love monument built by King Shahjahan for the late Queen  Mumtaz.” That. Yes, the answer is true. It was created by King Shahjahan to remind her. But how did queen Mumtaz die? Do you know the answer?

Picture: historical love monuments
Picture: Historical love monuments

Queen Mumtaz’s death was not caused by disease or accident. King Shahjahan, who is considered to be the lover here, is responsible for that death. In short, the Taj Mahal is not really a true romantic monument. King Shahjahan brought misfortune to the life of Mumtaz and she had to die prematurely. She is just one queen in King Shahjahan’s Zenana (Seraglio/ Harem).

King Shahjahan obtains Queen Mumtaz by killing her first husband. She died young. That is to say, she died in her last childbirth due to the weakness of her body due to the continuous births. After her death, King Shahjahan also marries her sister. So where was the love there?… Does it make sense to build a Taj Mahal after a tragic death?

But there is a more wonderful true love souvenir than that. It is located in India, where the Taj Mahal is located. Do you believe that if I say one deep well… that wonderful love story is hidden at the bottom of that deep well. This is what this article is going to bring to you.

Picture: Adalaj Stepwell
Picture: Adalaj Stepwell

This well is located in Ahmedabad, India. Around 1499AD, this province was called Dandai Desh. Dandai Desh was ruled by a local king named Veer Singh. King Veer Singh had a very beautiful queen. She looks like a beautiful wax figure. The queen’s name is Rani Rupba. King Veer Singh loved Rani very much. Rani loved King Devith just as much. Like Goddess Rani, King Veer Singh loved his countrymen. Therefore, King Weir Singh never wanted his countrymen to suffer.

The reason why the people of that area were suffering was the lack of water… Because the area was very hot, the people of this area often had to face water shortages. So King Veer Singh started to build a deep well for the needs of those people. The stairwell I mentioned above is that well.

Picture: Adalaj Stepwell
Picture: Adalaj Stepwell

“Before I die, my greatest hope is to build this well and alleviate the suffering of my countrymen.” The king always said to queen Rani Rupbha. This is a huge well, thousands of feet deep… Therefore it is a big project… But unfortunately for everyone, King Veer Singh did not get to complete that big project… Because it was tampered with by a big invasion.

A Muslim invasion came to that area… King Veer Singh was a good ruler of religion so he did not pay much attention to military activities. Somehow in the end these Dandai lands were occupied by the invaders. There the Muslims set fire to the Hindu villages… Leveled the temples… Finally, Muslim invaders brutally killed King Weir Singh in front of his beloved Queen Rani. The leader of those Muslim invaders was a Muslim ruler named Mohammed Begda. Mohammed Begum saw Rani Rupbha, the beautiful queen of King Veer Singh.

Picture: Adalaj Stepwell
Picture: Adalaj Stepwell

Intruder Mohamed Begda was fascinated by the image of Rani Devi. “If Rani wants to be my wife, I will make you the queen of this province, ” Mohamed Begda, who was obsessed with the image of Rani, told Rani, who was in pain of his love. Rani Devi, who initially strongly disliked the proposal, said this when she could not bear the increasing pressure from Mohamed Begda.

“Well, I would like to be your queen, but not right now. I need one promise.” “Tell me, Rani. If you become my queen, I will make any promise.” “My husband had high hopes… to build a big stairwell to give drinking water to the people of this area… He started working on that well… but it could not be completed… I can not marry another without fulfilling my master’s hope… So… if you finish the work on that well I would like to be your queen … But I will be your queen when the well is finished. ” “Well, I’ll do it.”

Mohamed Begda promised… As promised, Mohammed Begda completed the well according to Rani Devi’s plan. In the shape of an octagon, the structure of the well was five layers deep, combining Hindu and Mughal cultural values. So… When The construction of the well is over… Mohamed Begda Rani brought queen Rani to the well…

Picture: Adalaj Stepwell
Picture: Adalaj Stepwell

“Here I have finished digging the well… Will you be my queen now..?” “I want to see the well …” Rani Devi said.. Ran looked everywhere in the structure of the well .. OK .. Made exactly as the way King veer Singh wanted it.. Then Rani Devi jumped to the bottom of the well as if she was going to her husband’s arms while she was with him.

Finally, Queen Rani happily jumped into the deep well and hid at the bottom of the well, and went to the world where King Veer Singh is, who loved her so much,… The King and Queen, who loved their countrymen unconditionally, left this vast well to quench their thirst and also as a memory of their heartbreaking love story.

This wonderful love souvenir is still in Ahmedabad, India. This is what is known as the stairwell called “Adalaj Stepwell”. Many people call the Taj Mahal in India a romantic souvenir. But they do not know about the real romantic souvenirs in India… So share this article to let anyone know about this.

Well, I think this article may have corrected a misunderstanding you had and got you learned something. So we will meet again in another article in the same way.


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